5 Tips to Improve Marksmanship and Headshot Accuracy in Free Fire MAX


Free Fire MAX is the latest addition to the franchise and has the same gameplay mechanics. Everything from the sensitivity settings to the control panel layout are similar, so it’s relatively easy to get used to this new title.

Of all the methods to take out an enemy, headshot elimination is quite a feat. It requires extreme precision and regular practice to be executed without facing significant issues.

Improving sniper abilities and increasing headshot accuracy in Free Fire MAX requires players to take a few steps. Since the two games are similar, users can also implement them in Free Fire.

Free Fire MAX: the best tips for better sniping

1) Sensitivity settings

Playstyle varies from person to person, so instead of landing on the island with the default settings, players should always customize the sensitivity settings for best results.

Adjusting the sensitivity settings in Free Fire MAX, especially for weapons when using the scope, is necessary to achieve stable gameplay. This will not only help to aim better, but will also make it easier to aim even when the enemy is moving.

2) Arrangement of controls

Setting up the proper HUD controls in Free Fire MAX is also mandatory for those who want to improve their marksmanship. Users should remember that they can only fire one round of ammo when using a sniper.

Players should adjust the layout of the HUD according to their preferences, as they should be comfortable with the placement of the keys. Getting used to the perfect layout will help them gain the upper hand when shooting and targeting better headshot accuracy.

3) wait for the enemy to settle down

It is an established fact that opponents will try to confuse players by constantly moving. This strategy is important because it is impossible to get a headshot while enemies are moving randomly. Therefore, users need to have a little patience and wait for the rivals to settle in.

Once they slow down or come to a complete stop, it’s a great time for the player to aim and try to eliminate the headshot.

4) Find a place to shoot

Just as important as adjusting the settings is having a perfect spot to shoot in Free Fire MAX. There are some locations that are quite suitable for doing sniper and headshot kills as they provide perfect coverage.

Players should also look to gain an advantage in height as it is easier to spot and take out enemies.

5) Use the training mode

The use of training mode in Free Fire MAX should be encouraged among users. Improved sniping and increased headshot kills will require them to practice regularly and get used to the settings and various situations in the game.

Therefore, before engaging in competitive matchups, players should spend time in Practice Mode to hone their skills.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

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