A script to access OpenType features in InDesign


It’s great that InDesign gives you access to the many typographic features of some OpenType fonts. But the way you access these features leaves a lot to be desired, especially when working with large volumes of text. Normally you should select the text and use the OpenType ornament (which some people prefer to disable) or the control panel menu.

But there is now a script that makes it easier than ever to access OpenType features. It was written by Roland Dreger and you can download and read the full instructions on GitHub.

Once the script is installed, run it and you will get a large modeless dialog (that is to say it can stay open as a panel) where you can turn OpenType features on and off.

The OpenType Features Script Dialog

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You can apply OpenType functionality to a selection of text, an entire paragraph (just place your cursor anywhere in the paragraph), or all of the text in a text frame (select the frame).

The script makes it easy to apply things like regular ligatures,

discretionary ligatures,


character styles,

And much more.

As a bonus, you can even create a character style in the script dialog that applies selected OpenType functionality.

Just be aware that there is no option to apply the style to the current text, so you’ll have to remember to do it manually.

I know I will be using the script a lot when working with OpenType features. Thanks Roland!

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