Airoh has a new flip-up modular helmet called the Mathisse


Modulars are here again for Airoh, but with a bit of a twist. The brand introduces fans and future fans to its brand new helmet, the Mathisse.

Instead of the traditional flip-up design, this helmet folds up with the chin bar moving perfectly around the back of the helmet. While many models already do, the Mathisse is a returning model name that the brand calls “a masterpiece.”

Watch the video ! It’s full of things you don’t expect, like lasers and an art installation that feels like a chore to get in. The helmet also benefits from a neat showcase giving us an overview of the work that the brand has put into it. Airoh was also able to design an integrated communication system that perfectly adapts to the helmet. You can, however, go for a completely different system like a Cardo or a Sena, but the control panel won’t line up like it does on that particular cover.

Modular Helmet Airoh Mathisse

As for the construction of the helmet, it is made of a high strength thermoplastic, generally classified as polycarbonate. Even with the mechanism, the helmet only weighs 1675 grams, or about 3.69 pounds, which is relatively light considering it’s modular. Safety ratings include ECE 22.05 as well as P / J homologation, which means you can legally ride with the helmet on with the chin bar tucked in to the back when on the bike. Compared to most lids of this type, Airoh looks a bit more stylish. Normally the hinge mechanism is on display, but the Mathisse is elegant throughout.

Modular Helmet Airoh Mathisse
Modular Helmet Airoh Mathisse

You can get the Airoh Mathisse for € 339.99, which is roughly just under $ 400 USD, and I’m very curious to see what the Bronze Matt colorway looks like in person, but if you’re more of a standard color type , then there are glossy white and matte black for you.

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