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The hacker group Anonymous has struck again in India. This time the victim is the MTNL site. The group posted on their website, saying: “We are against internet censorship. Instead of blocking a few URLs, the ISP blocked the entire domain of various file sharing websites. The HC Madras, the DoT has not published any list of websites to block, but Internet censorship is still supported by ISPs. “

Yes, they misspelled censorship on their site. We think they were trying to make some sort of statement against the word itself.

MTNL officials, when asked about the logic behind such a blanket ban, seemed clueless. The two general managers in charge of broadband services in Mumbai -MK Purohit and Bhavna Om- have asked for some time to consider the matter. Purohit said, “These sites are generally blocked due to court orders or directives from the Telecommunications Department. But I can’t say for sure.”

Attempts to connect to the MTNL site gave users an error message stating that the requested URL could not be retrieved.

Screenshot of the Anonymous site.

So why is Anonymous so angry? Well, this is because the Indian government has blocked access to file sharing websites like PirateBay, Vimeo, and other torrent websites, arguing that this is done to stop the breaches of privacy and the copyright. This web censorship was not very well received by the hacker group Anonymous who called on users to stage protests against “web censorship” in India on June 9.

As part of the protests, Anonymous also asked all citizens to wear the mask of Anonymous (Fawkes), dress completely in black and take to the streets to demonstrate.

The goal: to target public places like shopping malls, markets and politicians’ houses in order to achieve maximum impact.

The group also posted a cutout of Guy Fawkes’ mask on their website that users can download, print, cut and assemble to wear at the June 9 protest.

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