Arteta is absolutely right to loan William Saliba again this season


William Saliba is a very talented young defender whose signing I really liked, even if it was expensive. He has the raw profile to be a huge success for Arsenal. But right now, right now, he’s an OK defender at best. He is not yet a brilliant or assertive player.

People will cite Wesley Fofana as an example, but exceptions always exist, as do the circumstances. Only 4 defenders younger than Saliba have played more than 1000 minutes in the top 5 European leagues. Four.

Anyone who knows football will tell you that the hardest part of being a young defender is getting consistent playing minutes. It is absolutely essential to their development. Arsene Wenger has said that playing a young player will cost you points (for greater good down the line). How much more a young CB in the most ruthless league?

Somehow, Saliba has been steadily gaining minutes since signing. In a non-Arsenal, player-centric vision, it’s absolutely brilliant. He’s basically one of the best-educated young center-backs in Europe when you compare the minutes others at his age are getting.

The club has so much to do in the transfer window. One of the biggest priorities is to add more local players to the senior roster. Some HG players like Bellerin, Nketiah etc are likely to leave on loan or permanently. We are stretched as is the case with other non-HG additions.

That’s why all of our transfer rumors have insisted that HG options take precedence. And the more we buy non-HG options like Lokonga and Nuno, the more desperate we are.

This explains the situation of Holding. Holding is a good lowblock defender but you really can’t pass with him.

However, the attitude of players in training and elsewhere is extremely important to any coach. Rob Holding has an upper class attitude. This shows in his improvement and absolute professionalism. He might not be good enough but it’s a manager’s dream otherwise. In a club with attitude and engagement issues, you really need guys like him for the vibe, the unity and the forward momentum. According to Julian Nagelsmann, who is himself a coach, club management consists of 70% of managing people and only 30% of managing tactics, which is true, because at the highest level, the difference in the knowledge of the players. coaches is tiny. If you can’t coach something, you can hire staff for it. It really doesn’t matter. It all depends on how you choose to do things, how she lines up with how the club does and whatever. Branding is also important for high-level work.

There are men of confidence and lieutenants in the clubs. Even if you could get a better player, you don’t let these guys go easy. It’s not always about who can play that ball. If you’ve led a lot of people in a sensitive role, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You can’t even begin to be successful when your followers aren’t buying into what you’re trying to do. Forget about coaching. This is why it is extremely impressive that the entire Arsenal football club, from executives to players (at least the good ones), is supporting Arteta, 36.

So Holding, for the above reason and the HG problem, is probably staying, at least for one more season. Replacing it would require too much specificity in Scouting at the moment. (Also, Ben White, a quality young boy with a fantastic attitude who already knows what Arteta wants).

There is also the big problem of the absence of European football. The 3rd choice CB behind White and Gabriel will only get rejects.

Remember, Gabriel is a physical phenomenon and Ben White played every minute for Marco Bielsa. They are two extremely durable players.

There is also the point of trust. A manager’s trust is a big deal. If a manager does not trust you, then your salary will not correlate positively with the level of your talent (if you are talented). Holding is trustworthy to play in Arsenal’s biggest game.

It’s a bad thing, I know, because Holding is not only impressive enough for our level of ambition, but remember he’s actually a capable defender who has improved a lot this season. It’s a 3rd average option but he has the manager’s confidence and that’s important.

It doesn’t bode well for Saliba to stay behind Gabriel and White. It is unlikely, as it stands, to displace either defender. His development minutes will therefore be affected. Keep in mind that the manager is also under great pressure to deliver results, and is already playing a lot of kids in the new setup.

The best situation is for Saliba to extend his contract and be on loan to a Premier League club where he can show he can land a place for Arsenal. However, after discussions, it appears that the player has chosen to stay in France (it makes sense personally for him). However, he still has 2 years left after this loan.

Clubs often make tough choices and at his age Saliba needs as many games as possible under his belt. You may not agree with the full extent of a decision made by the club, but at least you can see a reason behind it.

All decisions in club football are projections and there are no full guarantees, so even the best decisions on paper can be a disaster while obvious and popular decisions can turn out to be totally irrelevant.

You can bring up many sample scenarios in many clubs.

Imagine if Tottenham sold Dele Alli for € 80million at the time. It would have been pretty unpopular with fans, but they would have been better off in retrospect. Watch them spend near Pepe’s money for Ndombele. Pepe himself was a financial travesty.

I expect William Saliba to have a really great career, whether here or elsewhere, but it’s madness, real madness, to think that we wouldn’t survive or even prosper as a club. without him. He has to become a T3 defender in the world for 3-5 years for big regrets. Unlikely.

Admit it yourself. You are in love with the idea of ​​Saliba as a savior and not with Saliba as an absolutely normal defender.

Saliba Savior’s mentality is the hope that Saliba will become a fetish fan of a player who will be a world-class talent that we can enjoy for 7 years, then sell to PSG or Barcelona when he turns 28 and will decline in his career. old age. Basically another Saka. Basically another Henry. Basically another Lionel Messi. Basically another wunderkid.

Report disappointment and abuse when it is absolutely normal, making normal mistakes.

Saliba is someone I think can do quite well in the Premier League. I note it a lot. However, I am not going to revere his false image as the club’s purported savior, whether he becomes a hit here or elsewhere. We will be fine.

If Saliba had less hype and was bought for a lot less but was still the same player, we wouldn’t have this fan situation. It’s the truth. Blame Sanlllehi for wasting so much money back then on an 18 year old and making you feel like he’s the best thing since Van Dijk.

Please note that I did not draw any conclusions at all. All I have done is provide you with tools to help you make the decisions behind its loans. There is still not enough information about his situation to draw any conclusions.

It should also be noted that he will leave on loan for Marseille.

Marseille will be coached by Jorge Sampaoli, who has a roughly similar approach to Arteta. It is not all bad. Saliba at Newcastle won’t reveal much else to his football. At Sampaoli, we will see more of its capabilities.

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