BSF seeks anti-drone guns to upgrade its posts in Jammu and Kashmir

The Border Security Force (BSF) plans to upgrade its outposts in Jammu and Kashmir to deal with the growing drone incidents across the border – Pakistan.

He plans to get anti-drone guns which should be lightweight and easy to use one-handed/two-handed. These anti-drone guns will be part of BSF’s plans to upgrade its 112 outposts in Jammu and Kashmir as Pakistan pushes weapons and narcotics across the border into that region.

OSB requirement

According to the specifications drawn up by BSF, the weight of the system must not exceed 10 kg for 2 km of autonomy and 6 kg for 1 km.

The system must be able to shut down communication between the target Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and the remote control by jamming the data links. And it should have the ability to jam the standard UAS GNSS/remote frequency.

This anti-drone gun must be a handheld/backpack combination; tripod mountable; feasibility for Hand Hold/Back Pack; operate in a day and night environment; and be easily portable.

The system sought by BSF should be capable of neutralizing helicopters, fixed-wing UAVs, radio-controlled UAVs, UAS and others in different categories within a specified range of the radio frequency spectrum.

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Additionally, the system must have an intuitive control panel user interface that can select and also engage jamming frequencies to defeat the target. Should also have a compact design, with a control panel user interface. And allow operators to select and activate radio frequency disturbance frequency modes that would trigger a jamming operation.

And in the second phase of its upgrade process, and to deal with the electricity problems of these posts, the BSF has planned a complete solarization so that the force deployed in this area can easily cope with any problem.

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