Can government benefit from proven innovation and digital transformation in the private sector?


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Chris Haden, CEO of Engeneum Limited, tells us about private sector innovation that could also provide the public sector with improved efficiency, greater accuracy and cost savings

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Scena Ltd is one of the UK’s leading creative construction companies and has implemented an Engeneum end-to-end supplier invoice processing solution that has reduced processing time by over 60%.

This system manages both paper and digital supplier invoices in many different formats and has removed the need for tedious manual entry and verification. By saving 60% of invoice processing time, Scena allowed the finance team to focus on data management and leverage the Sage â„¢ direct link.

Scena’s volume of incoming invoices was huge and the volume of paperwork was getting unmanageable. It would take an average of 3 days a week to process, let alone interpret, incoming invoices.

The software reads data from all invoices and then verifies supplier details to prevent fraud. It then compares invoices to purchase orders to verify validity and provides payment approval and case resolution workflows to ensure accuracy and financial controls. Validated invoices then go directly to Sage for payment. You can read the full case study here:

Customer service

East Midlands Railway (EMR) implemented a state-of-the-art email and document classification solution that reduced response times to customer queries from a typical response of 20 days to less than a day, reducing significantly their key performance. indicator (kpi).

This classification solution manages over 65,000 inbound emails, improving customer response times, increasing productivity, reducing costs and saving EMR at least 5 manual hours per day.

The implementation of advanced classification has automated the email process by capturing key data from email content and document attachments.

The solution classifies emails without any manual entry and the data is automatically routed to the CRM EMR Charter system. The product is easily adaptable and changes can be made internally. The process is straightforward and the system is “trained” using subsets of document types and then tuned to ensure that the internal operational structure is supported and maintained.

The technology can be adapted to handle multiple incoming email channels, as well as to handle all scanned paper documents in any format. You can read the full case study here:

Human Resources (HR)

OPTiM Payroll (Galway) operates the Engeneum electronic payslip portal to provide secure, real-time, 24/7 access to payslips for employees and payroll managers.

No need to modify the 3 different payroll software packages, the solution simply downloads and interprets the existing payslip reports.

Save a lot of time! There is no need to password protect every pay stub, or email pay stubs to every user, which is time consuming and inherently insecure software.

The system is independent of the payroll software and can be white label / rebranded. There is also payroll report approval and management workflow options.

The solution includes optional Employee Portal and Personal Data Store (PDS) features that are easily integrated.

The setup enables complaints handling of all employee related documents and covers UK data protection regulations, Irish data protection and EU general data protection (GDPR) regulations.

The implementation of these tools can easily fit into the “spend to save” arena as projects always have significant elements in terms of cost and time.

Nottinghamshire County Council is our primary public sector user of this cutting edge technology with over 30,000 concurrent users. You can read the full case study here:

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Work at home

The Engeneum product architecture was built using a layered security solution to ensure data security at all times. Its flexible configuration allows access to individuals, and / or, groups dynamically while maintaining access control at all times.

Using Microsoft’s powerful Azure platform, this architecture has enabled many organizations to enable employees working from home to access corporate and customer data through a secure browser, thereby eliminating the problems of data loss. data because the information always remains in the secure Engeneum database.

Migration, or divide and conquer (reuse)

Many organizations need to go ahead and expand their use of technology to stay both efficient and competitive, but they are held back by the board of directors forcing them to keep data for the sake of business continuity and of compliance. This causes the need to migrate all historical data, or is it…?

The Engeneum approach is different; we take the legacy data that needs to be retained and convert it into searchable and manageable indexed document records allowing the new solution to be put into service with minimal data transfer. This approach avoids the high cost, high risk, and potential for “hold back” of the new solution because old data doesn’t quite match, often creating a full migration attempt. The Engeneum solution is then a read-only repository of old data, stored securely for access when needed.

This approach is invaluable when multiple parties with different solutions are involved. Mergers and acquisitions or changes in government structure.


My summary is that local and central governments can reap tremendous benefits from implementing proven solutions in the private sector.

The old huge monolithic database solutions do not need to be replaced by new huge modern monolithic solutions, but instead use solutions specific to secure, loosely connected and low risk functions as they have been tested and proven to deliver benefits in all types of private sector businesses around the world.

“Spend to save” and pay less using proven existing apps.

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