cctv: all Ms University hostels under Cctv surveillance, more than 670 cameras installed | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: All hostels in MS University residence halls are now equipped with CCTV cameras.
The administration of the university, with the support of the computer center, has installed CCTV cameras covering all the buildings of the hostel, including the campus of the hostel for boys and the campus of the hostel for girls. According to university officials, a total of 672 cameras have been installed covering 12 boys’ hostel buildings and four girls’ hostel buildings.
At the boys’ hostel campus, 450 CCTV cameras have been installed, while 202 have been installed at the girls’ campus.
Officials said that all CCTV cameras are equipped with a night vision function to ensure the safety of students in the hostel and at the same time keep an eye out for wrongdoers.
The surveillance control room has been set up in the hostel premises to keep a strict vigil over the movements. Officials said the project was implemented at a cost of almost Rs 80 lakh. Also, it was made with the “Make in India” concept using cameras provided by Indian manufacturers.
It should be mentioned here that the university made the political decision to install surveillance cameras all over the campus a long time ago.
The decision was made taking into account the violent clashes witnessed on campus before or during student elections or during faculty or university celebrations.

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