CMS uses FOR-A mixer for new 40ft production truck

Custom Media Solutions (CMS), a live event video production company based in Alpharetta, GA, has anchored its new 40ft broadcast production truck with a FOR-A HVS-2000 video switcher. The truck has been in use since mid-January, including on location for live coverage of Camping World’s Ultimate RV Expo.

A view inside the new 40ft broadcast production truck at CMS with the FOR-A HVS-2000 video switcher.

Marc Shroyer, President of CMS, says the company took delivery of the truck in early November. “We got it to replace our 24ft production trailer,” he explained. “It was great, but you could only fit eight people in there and there wasn’t a lot of space for audio. When everything started to go virtual, we really needed to create space for broadcasting sound.”

The truck was originally designed to use CRT monitors. CMS therefore modernized the interior with an emphasis on flexibility. The infrastructure was designed to support 12G with all I/O over fiber, so the truck can be upgraded by swapping out just a few components. Additionally, audio is handled via the Dante digital audio network.

Shroyer reported that CMS recently added five new 4K broadcast cameras that output images in a variety of frame rates, including 24p, which is a feature customers have been requesting. The FOR-A switcher supports 24p, as well as a number of HD and SD formats.

CMS currently has 10 FOR-A mixers, including four HVS-2000s. “The HVS-2000 can do everything we need, and it’s priced significantly lower than the switches many companies would expect to find in a truck this size. “If you want to talk about value for money, we were doing things on this mixer that you normally need a much more expensive mixer for. I can do whatever the client wants to do. It’s our secret sauce.

For example, CMS will use the truck in April to produce live coverage of a major corporate conference in Atlanta. Shroyer said the HVS-2000 will be used to switch both live streaming and I-MAG (picture magnification) for the live event. Instead of switching streams between trucks to accommodate simultaneous productions, a second control panel will simply be added to the switcher and directors will sit next to each other during production.

“It’s easy to add a panel. Just plug in a network cable and you’re good to go,” Shroyer added. “We have a lot of I/O, as well as a lot of multi-viewers, keyers and DVEs – and that creates a lot of flexibility.”

Compatible with four different control panels, the HVS-2000 2 M/E video mixer offers 24 inputs and 18 outputs as standard, and can be expanded to 48/18 or 40/22 with optional I/O cards. option. The mixer also features MELite technology that previews the output of an AUX bus when applying transitions or keying for extended M/E performance, as well as FLEXaKEY architecture for flexible reassignment of separate keyers from keyers standard of complete M/E buses.

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