Cody Rhodes on his double entry or nothing, seen as shot at HHH


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star and Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes spoke to the media after Double Or Nothing last weekend. Cody spoke on a variety of topics, including the appearance of Jon Moxley, opposite his brother Dustin Rhodes, his signing entry with the Hammer and the Throne, and more.

Cody was asked about his entry which involved a hammer and smashing a throne, which was seen as a shot at Triple H’s elaborate entrances to WWE Wrestlemania. Cody said he liked HHH’s entry, and said it wasn’t so much of a hit on his former roster mate as it was a sign that he’s still a wrestler, and not just a manager. :

“Okay, I had a literal dream about that type of entry. Love it when Triple H came out at WrestleMania 30 where it was like [Mortal Kombat’s] Shao Kahn; It was very cool. The throne sort of symbolized his reign. And man, I wanna play ball. I’m not – I know we don’t say competition, but it just stands. And I also want people to know about this role, this role of executive vice president – which I love, I’m excited – but first I want to be a wrestler. And that’s great, we got to do it tonight.

Tony [Khan] sat here and timed the show; it takes years to learn. Gerald Brisco is the only guy who would do it for years, and he did it tonight on his first try. They don’t always need us in these leadership roles. We got to go out there and be wrestlers, and that, more than anything, isn’t as much a shot on Triple H as a shot on I’m not ready to dive into that role just yet. I want to be a wrestler first and foremost. I’m not finished.”

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Double Or Nothing also featured plenty of swearing and blood, including the bloodbath seen in Cody’s match against his brother Dustin. Cody said he thinks we might see things turn a bit on pay-per-view, but that might not necessarily be an indicator of what the TV show will look like:

“There isn’t the format of standards and practices that we have at the moment, but I think when you watch TV, and our pay-per-views are going to take a step forward, if that makes sense. . Wrestling — Tony was very good at it — it’s sports-centric, and the other wrestling company, they almost run a TV-G show, with how protected it is. And I understand that you serve the children’s audience, but there is a large part of the audience that still wants sport, still wants violence. In the curse of the NBA guys on the field, you take the camera away from them. It’s treated like a live sporting event and it will help our TV and determine how we want to do TV. But I think at pay-per-views you’ll see a step forward and even Tony — and I’m not trying to spoil it — but we talked about a pay-per-view itself which is a another step forward. So… the fight is fierce. It’s one of those combat sports, and we have a lot of great guys with legitimate backgrounds, so I don’t mind using that word because everyone here tonight is happy, healthy, my brother is going. good.

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