Conveyor control system offers easy operation, low maintenance


The STP 61 touchscreen pneumatic conveyor control system is available from Gericke. Photo: Gericke United States

Gericke United States, a manufacturer of processing equipment, presented the STP 61 pneumatic conveying control system.

According to Gericke USA, the STP 61 has a pre-programmed and integrated system that eliminates tedious manual programming of the PLC for quick commissioning, easy operation and reduced maintenance requirements. Offering a plug-and-play approach, the company claims that the STP 61 on-board controller installs in minutes without requiring a professional API engineer or high-level programming expertise. It works continuously with no recurring software license fees.

The STP 61, which was developed for mineral, chemical, food, and other processors, automates the control of Gericke USA’s dense phase pneumatic conveying systems for optimum bulk material transfer efficiency with minimal labor involvement. operator. An operator simply selects the bulk density of the transport material, desired throughput and other properties on the color touchscreen control panel, and the STP 61 automatically performs the process safely and efficiently, explains Gericke USA.

The STP 61 is included as standard equipment on the Pulse-Flow PTA, PulseLine PTA and DenseFlow PHF automated pneumatic conveying systems as a stand-alone controller. Or, it can be integrated into a Powerline environment via Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus and Profinet. Custom configuration and future adjustments to the integrated logic can be easily implemented, the company adds.

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