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Harker Outdoors, Utah offers an affordable RV alternative that’s ready to travel and camp anytime. Like a Sahara cap for your truck, the EDC (that’s Everyday Camper or Expedition Driven Camper, depending on who you ask and when you ask them) is a lightweight mattress topper that buyers can use as a simple roof over their head or customize into a mini all-terrain motorhome. Starting at less than US $ 8,000, it avoids the prohibitive cost of entry of other RVs.

Pop-up mattress toppers offer one of the fastest and easiest ways to turn a van into a lightweight RV. Their light overall weight makes them compatible with mid-size pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator, trucks that lack the payload of more traditional pickup trucks.

Instead of appearing as a fully shelled unit with a floor, the mattress toppers attach to the truck bed rails, making the pickup bed roll in their interior design, saving material, weight and price. When closed, the Harker EDC looks quite similar to other wedge-style pickup toppers, such as the AT Overland Summit or the Vagabond Drifter. Deploy it fully, however, and you’ve got a larger pop-up tent hanging out the back of your merry-go-round like the end of a gorgeous mule party.

Here’s a Tacoma ready for a really fun road trip

Harker outside

Instead of just tilting up or tilting to the side, the EDC locking hatch door above the truck’s tailgate pulls out completely and optionally attaches to the side of the truck as a blueprint. of work. This paves the way for a tent frame extension hoop to pull outward and carry the tent fabric over the back of the truck, functioning as a small awning.

For fuller coverage, the ancillary fabric zips into this upper awning, snaps over the EDC sidewalls, and attaches to the vehicle frame for a snug fit. The annex adds additional interior space, incorporating the truck’s tailgate lowered into the tent-camping floor. Most other mattress toppers of this type end with the tailgate closed.

Whole red mullet
Whole red mullet

Harker outside

Adding to the EDC space is an extra-long 58 x 90 inch (147 x 229 cm) platform bed, which comes in just 2 inches (5 cm) the width of a residential queen with Additional 10 inches (25 cm) in length. This creates sufficient sleep length even for NBA center-sized campers.

In contrast, the side tent’s snap and strap closure doesn’t seem to create quite the same level of weather and bug security that you would get with the usual zippered tent fabric and waterproof top walls. to bad weather.

Harker is based in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah just north of Salt Lake City and prepares his campers to explore the rugged country of highs and canyons around his headquarters and surrounding areas. This involves an aluminum / alu-composite skin on top of a 2 inch fully welded tubular steel frame. A base weight of 300 lbs (136 kg) makes the EDC ideal for mid-size trucks, leaving much of the payload for carrying passengers and filling or outfitting the bed with cooking and cooking equipment. general camping. The EDC also features an aircraft-grade L-rail on the sides for mounting hardware and comes with a crossbar-ready roof capable of supporting 250 lbs (113 kg).

Harker EDC Tacoma on display at Ou
Harker EDC Tacoma on display at Outside Adventure Expo

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Harker sells the EDC shell for a base price of $ 7,499, and buyers can add a variety of options, including an electrical package with a 100Ah, 200-watt, solar-powered AGM battery built into the roof. , a control panel and lighting. EDC is designed to fit short and long bed Toyota Tacomas, short bed Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyons, and Jeep Gladiator. Construction time is currently six to eight weeks, according to Harker’s website.

Harker also offers custom bed constructions to create more complete campers. We were very impressed with the interior of the Jeep Gladiator that he had displayed at the Outdoor Adventure Show last weekend. The layout included a mini-kitchen with Camp Chef stove / oven, a collapsible sink with water container and fridge / freezer, as well as a fridge-height bench with built-in storage box under the seat and interior pantry / exterior crossing. The company told us that a similarly equipped package with all electricity would cost around $ 19,000, not including the base truck.

Featured here at the Outside Adventure Expo in Salt Lake City, this Gladiator EDC RV had a nice interior build
Featured here at the Outside Adventure Expo in Salt Lake City, this Gladiator EDC RV had a nice interior build

Harker outside

Harker has a number of tutorials and walkthroughs on his YouTube page, but this three-minute action clip sums up what EDC is all about.

Harker Outdoors Expedition Driven Campers – The Ultimate Overland Adventure Motorhome

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