Financial donation from Sea Lion Caves to another Central Oregon Coast attraction

Financial donation from Sea Lion Caves to another Central Oregon Coast attraction

Posted 08/24/22 16:28 PST
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Florence, Oregon) – With a big party already planned, an Oregon Coast attraction suddenly has something to celebrate even more. In Florence, at the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, August 26 is a day of celebration in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Sea Lion Caves, with a big party starting at 5 p.m. (Photo above courtesy of Sea Lion Caves)

However, the museum recently learned of a substantial financial donation – the amount of which will be revealed at the party on Friday. The co-owners of Sea Lion Caves will present the gift to the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum that day.

One historic Oregon Coast attraction celebrates another – and it, in turn, celebrates right away. It’s a kind of tourist synergy which is a unique moment here.

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“The festivities begin at 5:00 p.m. with champagne and wine for the seniors, juice, cookies and other festive snacks,” said museum board chairman Del Phelps. “We will have a special historical exhibit dedicated to the sea lion caves and presentations by local dignitaries. It will be a great occasion for all.

For Sea Lion Caves, the connection is personal.

“We thank the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum for their support in putting together historical exhibits, not just about the sea lion caves, but about the history of the entire region, from first nations peoples to settlers and onward. quite modern times. They have a real community treasure that everyone should see,” said Steve Saubert, one of the co-owners of Sea Lion Caves. “And we hope the whole community will join in the Sea Lion Caves anniversary party at the museum.”

Saubert and Phelps also said attendees who contribute financially to museum operations will receive a family pass to Sea Lion Caves, valid for use over the next 12 months.

Photo courtesy of Oregon State Archives: Governor Atiyeh celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Sea Lion Caves in 1982

Since 1932, visitors to the area have been able to descend, first by wooden staircase, now by elevator, some 200 feet from the clifftop above America’s largest sea cave to to the cavernous surroundings of hundreds of frolicking pinnipeds, including Steller and California sea lions. . The entire site is designated a National Wildlife Refuge for the animals and birds that live there.

Some on the Oregon Coast claim the biggest this or the smallest that – but Sea Lion Caves lived up to that claim. Oregon Coast Beach Connection has checked with the Guinness Book of World Records organization and has indeed listed sea lion caves in this category.

Visitors to the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum are transported back in time by a diversity of exhibits showing slices of life before white settlers came to the Siuslaw area and back to life in the 1950s.

On two floors, displays display items ranging from an authentic canoe, tools and clothing of the first inhabitants to household items of the pioneers; from early logging and fishing tools to the control panel once used by the Siuslaw River drawbridge operator; and one of the first switchboards.

Visitors will learn about the hard life of those who started the logging and fishing industries around Florence in the mid to late 1800s and see examples of the delicate side of life through cutlery and work manual of talented lacemakers and quilters.

278 Maple Street in Florence. It will be free to the public.

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