Firefox Lite is dead: development is complete


@Stone heart

This paragraph written by someone else here at Ghacks on another article fits your nonsense perfectly – “Maybe you should try a little harder to read and understand what someone actually said next. times before you answer, because when your answer addresses points that weren’t raised and fails to answer those that were, while also resorting to insults, it seems a bit angry.

Now what you wrote in your last comment is totally wrong. So let’s start

“Brave has more goals than just improving Chromium’s privacy, it’s also a privacy-friendly advertising ecosystem, and it implements other things like, say, IPFS. You can’t compare that to Bromite which has a much more limited purpose. In addition, Bromite does things that you claim to be enhancements, when in fact they are snake oil or even counterproductive, such as hiding low value information (one stands out much more by hiding it than by showing it). Why do you think it is better? You can’t make a solid technical argument to back it up.
“Can’t you make a substantial technical argument?” Nice words from someone doing exactly that thing.
‘snake oil or even counterproductive, such as hiding low value information (we stand out much more by hiding it than showing it’)
As I said in a previous post, your definition of fingerprint protection is a complete garbage dump and with just one Brave browser change they would become obsolete. Well, in the latest Brave browser with Chromium 91, Brave ‘still’ started hiding the device name like it had done months before, in Chromium version 87 I believe then decided to don’t do it (maybe they first checked how Firefox had been doing it for years already in its default state), now that the change has become permanent. So your definition of fingerprints and snake oil or low value sticking out just vanished. And by writing this you have shown that you are lying and not even fully familiar with Brave Browser.

For the latest javascript protection from Bromite – I encourage you to visit Daniel Micay’s twitter page and see what he has to say about the latest javascript protections, he also said something about Firefox. So before you say anything again, at least read what Daniel Micay has to say first. The Bromite developer has a discussion about this on GitHub with someone from GrapheneOS, check that out as well. And then when you read these things, burst your bubble and stop lying.
Don’t worry Brave – Team Browser would include these javascript protections in two years, so stay tuned.

“I am aware of the ‘problems’ Tor cited for Chromium and none of them are insurmountable. The problem is that they expect to fix it up front, and none of the major contributors, including Google, has no motivation to do it. That being said, Chromium is open source, so they could also fix it in their downstream fork, that just shifts the maintenance load of the applicable fix from Google to the Tor project. Again, Tor would benefit greatly from being based on Chromium, it would improve its web compatibility, performance, security – basically everything. And that will eventually happen anyway, after Firefox becomes even more irrelevant than it does. is not already, and web developers will stop supporting it for good.
Still the same old stupidity.

“You haven’t made an argument against Manifest V3 being a security enhancement, because it is. It’s very difficult to argue against removing extensions’ ability to monitor, intercept, and redirect traffic directly to potentially malicious destinations, right? This has nothing to do with script blocking, the extension can still pass its custom rules to the browser, it just can’t catch connections directly. You don’t understand a thing at all, and that point was and is totally moot to begin with, because Brave’s ad blocker is not an extension.
You have contradicted yourself several times on this matter alone. Haven’t you read something in the Mozilla blog about it?
Seriously, the weather you lied to is already visible in several post comments and I didn’t even bother to point them out, although at first glance maybe I should do it next time you will mention Manifest V3 again.
As for script blocking and other stuff blocking content, since you’ve shown that you have no idea and didn’t even respond to my comment correctly, then it’s no use to answer your lies.

“Firefox was crap compared to Chrome in 2008 and it’s still catching up. The only technical advantage they had was wiped out in 2017 when they killed bootstrap extensions. Only crappy ideological reasons for using it remain in 2021, and even these are purely thought-out and have huge holes. Firefox is worse overall: worse security, worse web compatibility, worse performance, worse selection of extensions, worse web development tools! It’s better for privacy than Chrome, but loses to Brave and other privacy-enhanced Chromium forks. And no, the crappy patch called user.js doesn’t fix any issues and mostly makes the fingerprint threat worse instead of improving it. And yet, despite all of this, you still rehash “anti-competitive practices”, whatever that means. Is this a password for the incompetence of Mozilla developers, who introduced true site isolation in 2021, a decade after Chromium? MDR. I’m done here.
Again the same old nonsense. But what do you mean by bootstrap extensions? Because I can highlight your quotes on this.

“Unfortunately for you, that’s exactly what it means. Bromite isn’t the miracle worker you claim to be, sometimes I feel like they do certain things to make their users feel positive that something has been done at all, even when saying something is totally unnecessary or even counterproductive. Like hiding device information or network information, both of which can be discovered in another way and which should not be hidden as it makes you stand out more instead of less. But then we run into your lack of understanding again because you always think that hiding information is reducing your uniqueness, which is wrong in fact. The reverse can be the case. Hiding information can increase your uniqueness, especially when no one else does. You will never resolve this misunderstanding, so I will not argue with it again. you for this grotesque error of judgment.
Hide Device Info – Download the latest Brave browser and visit, then report what you find, your lies would even be exposed to you. Network Info – Bromite doesn’t do this, only Firefox does, of course you’re more than welcome to point out where I said Bromite hides network info.
And hiding information like reducing uniqueness – I guess the Brave team could visit those words because they’re the ones who did exactly that in their latest iteration.

“Our opinions on Mozilla are diametrically opposed, accept that and move on.”
Sadly, in that one comment you’ve shown that your opinion differs even from that of Team Brave and Daniel Micay – the person you said I should adore.
Good job there.

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