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Test is currently examining the question of whether investing in this form of investment is worthwhile at all with its 2014 deposit test. Because in the low interest rate environment, savers receive hardly any interest on safe investments such as time deposits. The fixed-term test shows that anyone who wants to receive appreciable interest rates has to commit himself for a long time.

Test has taken a close look at its current overnight money and time deposit accounts with regard to their terms and conditions for one-off investments. In the offers for fixed deposits only those offers were considered, which offer at least an annual credit of interest accrued. Depending on how long consumers want to bind, interest rates of up to three percent pa can currently be achieved with the fixed-term deposit. However, customers must also commit to ten years and have no access to the invested capital during this time.

The best interest on the deposit test 2014

The 2014 fixed-rate test examined annual interest rates for one, two, three, five and ten-year maturities. In general, the longer the term, the higher the interest rate . Even the best offers in the investigation with a minimum term of one year only offer interest rates of a maximum of 1.5 percent (PSA Direct Bank, Varengold Bank and Yapi Kredi Bank). Many banks in the test have a maximum term of five years . Here are the best deals in the range of 2.0 to 2.4 percent interest per year.

The best deposit offers for a five-year term according to Test:

  • Pbb directly – 2.00 percent
  • From food bank – 2.00 percent
  • Vakifbank – 2.01 percent
  • NIBC Direct – 2.10 percent
  • VTB direct bank – 2.10 percent
  • Yapi Kredi Bank – 2.40 percent

A ten-year term, however, is only possible with a few financial institutions . The Yapi Kredi Bank stands out here with by far the best interest rate of three percent pa. For comparison: Von Essen Bank, NIBC Direct and pbb direkt are in the test for a term of ten years with an interest rate of 2.50 percent in second place.

Instead of fixed deposits: more interest with more risk

The main argument for investing in a time deposit account remains security in 2015 as well . However, if you want to increase your capital, even with a good deposit account, you will only achieve a low return . With a little more risk-taking, on the other hand, higher interest rates are possible. At the same time, consumers have many options: in addition to investment products that primarily serve retirement provision, such as pension or life insurance, there are also fund savings plans, investment funds or direct investments.

An investment calculator can be used to check which investment form is most suitable for the personal investment strategy and which risks, but also return opportunities, these are associated with. Experts also recommend that capital be spread across multiple investment vehicles in order to reduce risk and at the same time obtain higher return opportunities.