Game Creek Video Upgrades PeacockOne Truck to Full HDR with EVS Solutions


Game Creek Video recently completed the upgrade of one of its flagship HD production units to full HDR capabilities based on EVS’s LiveCeption and MediaCeption solutions. The upgrade to PeacockOne, an expanding 53-foot mobile production unit, is the first in a long series in the company’s fleet and has been accelerated to support NBC Sports delivery of upcoming events in 1080p and UHD-4K.

Driven by increased demand for higher resolution live productions from major US sports broadcasters such as FOX Sports, ESPN and CBS, Game Creek Video continues to invest in EVS solutions across its fleet of units high-end mobile television production company. The intensive program to upgrade to LiveCeption Signature is expected to be completed by 2023 and will see 40 new live XT-VIA production servers deployed to allow teams to replay, edit and produce today’s action content. match in the highest quality. As part of this powerful integrated solution, these new servers will be paired with LSM-VIA, EVS’s all-new IP-based replay and highlight system, to create in-game slow-motion replays.

Designed to meet the most demanding live streaming requirements, LiveCeption Signature combines the latest EVS technologies to deliver the power, scalability and versatility needed to achieve Full HD 1080p or UHD-4K production in HDR or SDR on time. the most accurate and the fastest. high quality replays in the market. It leverages the XT-VIA production server to support all new formats and protocols from HD to 8K, SDR to HDR and SDI to IP in one versatile solution. XT-VIA guarantees an unmatched level of speed, control and precision and offers increased capacity of up to six UHD channels and 16+ HD channels.

In conjunction with the XT-VIA server, the LSM-VIA replay and highlighting system is at the heart of LiveCeption Signature. LSM-VIA provides fast, direct access to all content on the network and effortless control for live operations. With full IP connectivity and embedded software-defined technology, the system makes it possible to deliver complete production resources anywhere and quickly, opening up flexible and highly collaborative workflows that perfectly adapt to each production and evolve as needed.

LSM-VIA guarantees remote review operators a truly seamless Multiview user experience, even in UHD-4K. Leveraging Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) network protocol through certified integration with Haivision’s Maktio X series of real-time video encoders and decoders, the system delivers ultra-low latency and sufficiently high quality over any managed network or public Internet connection to allow them to create replays and showcase packages without compromise. This remote workflow has been successfully deployed for the GCV Anywhere platform which was used this summer to cover the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Productions supported by Game Creek’s PeacockOne unit will also benefit from the simplified navigation, control, editing and streaming of live media content provided by MediaCeption’s production asset management (PAM) solution. EVS. Open, modular, and tightly integrated with third-party MAM, automation and post-production solutions, MediaCeption enables production teams to quickly and easily manage resources from just about anywhere, facilitating multi-site and remote collaboration for publication on digital platforms.

Garrett Sullivan, SVP Production & Finance at Game Creek Video, said, “For us, EVS is the gold standard in mobile production, delivering the power, reliability and flexibility to create our best work. As our business has grown, integrating EVS solutions into our roadmap has allowed us to continually adapt to customer demands and remain competitive. With this latest investment in LiveCeption and MediaCeption, we are leading the way in agile HDR sports production and it’s an exciting path for our teams to take as they can now collaborate effectively wherever they are.

“Game Creek is a true pioneer of large-scale production and we are proud of their continued investment in our solutions,” said Quentin Grutman, director of customer service at EVS. “Our LiveCeption and MediaCeption solutions open the door to incredibly powerful, flexible and scalable workflows that enable broadcasters to deliver revolutionary live viewing experiences and build audience loyalty.

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