gpcb: Information panel, Gujarat Pollution Control Board crosses swords | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Are any banned chemicals used in the manufacture of dyes in Ahmedabad and Surat? This question has led the State Information Commission and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) to cross swords since July 2021.
For three months, although the state information commission ordered the GPCB to provide the requester with information on banned chemicals, there was no response.
The dispute began in January 2020, when a farmer in Vataman village, Ahmedabad district, Praful Mehta, asked the GPCB regional office for information under the RTI law as to whether “chemicals like vinyl sulfon, gamma acid, FC acid, NMJ acid, sulfo- Tobias acid or 6-acetyl derivatives were used by dye makers along the golden corridor or units in districts like Ahmedabad and Surat and whether there was a report from GPCB noting these banned chemicals found in sewage.
For 18 months, the GPCB public information officer and the council’s first appeals officer denied the information, claiming that this information belonged to various districts if the tests were carried out independently by the regional offices. In March, State Information Commissioner Subhash Soni ordered the information to be passed to Mehta within a fortnight.
“When GPCB did not respond, the information committee reminded it again in June. Can the GPCB not ask its regional offices for tests carried out by them,” Mehta explains.

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