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Minecraft not accessing your device’s GPU? Read this article where we mention how you can configure Nvidia and AMD GPUs

By Sourit Sanyal

Minecraft is a household name. The game has enjoyed popularity among gamers, which vary in age. Speaking of variation, the game is available on multiple platforms.

From PCs to pocket mobiles, Minecraft, gamers explore a procedurally generated 3D blocky world that offers virtually endless terrain. Here, they discover and mine raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures or earthworks. Now many users are trying to get the best experience.

On PC, gamers often look forward to using the quality of the GPU and having a better hand with Minecraft. But there have been cases where the game does not use the graphics card. How to make sure? Read this article as we give you all the details for Nvidia and AMD GPU users.

For AMD Minecraft GPU players

  1. From your desktop, right click on your mouse to get the context menu.
  2. From there, go to AMD Radeon Settings option.
  3. When the AMD Control Panel opens, head to the System tab
  4. Go for the Switchable graphics option.
  5. To select Profile apps installed for an overview of installed software.
  6. Now go to Browse and select Javaw.exe drop off. This is what we select for Minecraft.
  7. To choose High performance for the designated GPU.

LouWill makes an interesting detour #ICYMILouWill takes an interesting detour # ICYMIPauseNext video0: 21/1: 41ParametersFullscreen Minecraft would now ensure the use of the GPU. But if you are an Nvidia user, read the following procedure:

For Nvidia GPU readers

  1. From your desktop, right click your mouse to get the context menu
  2. Choose the Nvidia Control Panel.
  3. As the control opens you will see Select a task on the left window.
  4. From there select Manage 3D settings
  5. As the Manage 3D settings open up, we get two optional tabs. On the left we have the General Parameter
  6. We get a drop-down menu called Preferred graphics processor.
  7. From there, select a High performance Nvidia processor.
  8. Now at the top you will see another tab next to Global Settings. It’s called Program settings.
  9. From there, grant permission to the Nvidia GPU for a more specific Minecraft operation. To do this, click on the Add button.
  10. Find Browse in the Add window. From there, open the Minecraft folder.
  11. Now locate Minecraft trash can folder
  12. It would be mainly to C: Program files (x86) Minecraftruntimejre-x641.8.0_25bin in general.
  13. To choose Javaw.exe in the bin folder, then clicking on the Open option.
  14. When the drop-down menu appears, select the preferred graphics card for this program.
  15. Choose the High performance Nvidia processor menu option.
  16. Complete the settings by clicking on Apply for changes.

This is how you can make sure Minecraft is using the loaded GPUs on your system. The article explains how to configure AMD and Nvidia GPUs using drives. For more guides and fixes on PC, head here.

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