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Studio: Your dead productions
Editor: Transmission
Format: Blu-Ray (Commentary), DVD
Release date: Outside now
Price: $ 34.99 – Available here


Rutger Hauer is a homeless man on a mission to clean the streets of Hope Town, a small but vile town he moved to after traveling in the back of a train. Hobo With A Shotgun is an incredibly awesome movie, which at times even made this reviewer feel a bit out of sight. This is definitely not a movie for everyone, but it is definitely a movie that everyone should see, to at least be able to see the direction of evil that humanity seems to be heading in.

Hobo With A Shotgun also has one of my most favorite henchmen, The Plague, which is a pretty awesome concept in itself. Beware of them.


Hobo With A Shotgun surprisingly has a very decent story for a movie that may seem like a silly concept to so many people. The film begins with Rutger Hauer heading to an unknown town – Hope Scum Town – at the back of the train. After arriving, he soon discovers that the whole town is corrupted by hatred and fear, while also being under the influence of the evil gangster like the character “The Drake”.

Hobo With A Shotgun’s story makes it seem like it was intended as a collaboration between internet trolls and aggressively repressed teenagers, but the way it is told is nothing short of amazing. This is the kind of movie you would use as an analogy to describe something else. For example, if you wanted to talk about an almost indestructible demonic foe, you could say that they were like The Plague in Hobo.

Scum Town itself is a very interesting place in the movie. These are easily the most vile and corrupt parts of humanity exposed to all. What I found particularly interesting about Scum Town in the story was how the entire city seemed to be the movie’s secondary villain. The city itself was such a powerful enemy that she was able to turn a Hobo into violence in order to mend the plague on the face of the Earth that she was. This town was full of so many nasty blunders and nastiness, but it was never an incredible amount.

I think the reason the city was so believable was that it seemed to refer to all the bad things that seemed to have popped up in popular culture. Internet shows like Bum Fights make an appearance in the film, as well as the entire punk subculture (although it is far more corrupt than its real-life counterpart), which makes it much more realistic and accessible to the public. spectator. I would like to think that the producers of this film were trying to make a statement about the current affairs of humanity on this planet by the way the city is blatantly satirizing current human behavior, but maybe I am trying to read too far into the movie.

Ultimately, the story of Hobo With A Shotgun is way more amazing than you might think just looking at the cover and reading the title. However, the note is well deserved, there is no way I will let anyone under the restriction take a look at this movie for a second. To be completely honest, we have very tight censorship here in Australia and I’m a little surprised that a movie with a bus full of children being thrown to death with flamethrowers has been released in this country.

Audio and visuals

Hobo With A Shotgun is VERY reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino movie, and even a lot of Japanese movies. There’s a lot of blood and gore all over the place, and in a few scenes, it’s as if some characters have jets installed all over their bodies. The main aspect of the film that shows this influence is the old-fashioned opening and closing credits, classic takes and shots, and the very colorful color treatment on the film.

Seriously, I really liked how the film was vividly colored in opposition to the darkness and evil that reigned in Scum Town. It’s this contrast that catches you off guard when some of the previous explicit scenes appear, it makes you wonder why such scenes are presented in such a cheerful pattern. Could it be because of how today’s society welcomes such abusive behavior? Maybe, or maybe was it just a stylistic choice of the director? I’m not entirely sure, but it adds a tremendous amount of depth to the movie.

The costumes in this movie are incredibly realistic and seem to represent the characters that inhabit them quite well. The Drake wears a white suit worthy of a gangster type character, or even a James Bond villain. Her sons, Ivan and Slick wear matching sweat jackets, which makes them look like bullying jocks from high school, and prostitute Abby wears a combination of normal clothes and garish whore clothes depending on the scene. It looks like all of the characters are reflected in their clothing choices, which is a really good job from the visual department of the film.

One thing that I thought would disappoint me with the movie, but it wasn’t, is the fact that it only supports 2-speaker audio, instead of surround sound. However, after seeing the movie, I can attest that this is not a problem. The movie actually had some pretty awesome sound, especially the background music.

My favorite aspect of the movie, from an audio standpoint, was all of the character dialogue. Sure, it was pretty cheesy at times and cliché at others, but it was still smart and still suited the scene well. A very strong dialogue in the film is found in the scene where the Hobo addresses a group of newborn babies in a hospital. He has a pretty good idea of ​​how they were going to live in Scum Town and how “they wouldn’t know it was wrong in the first place”.


Hobo With A Shotgun has a small but interesting selection of special features that come with the movie on the movie disc. These are particularly standard features, but still quite interesting.

“No more blood. No more heart “, Hobo making with a shotgun, is an interesting 40-minute feature film that takes us through some of the highlights of the making of the film. It also includes short interviews and other types of interesting information from the cast and crew.

The production blog blog basically about the production of the film, it contains some pretty interesting information. The film also features test camera footage and a plethora of deleted scenes, including an alternate ending where the lead woman, Abby, becomes a part of The Plague. All of the cutscenes are pretty interesting to watch.

And finally, the disc contains the Directors Red Band trailer, which is essentially a trailer for the film being screened on the red tape. It’s really cool.


Hobo With a Shotgun is a pretty amazing film that is surprisingly very well written and directed, compared to the initial reaction to how stupid the concept was. While this is an incredibly gory film that touches on themes not suitable for those under the age limit, it does seem to contain a decent commentary on how humanity works in the present day. world. Keep your nose down and stay out of trouble, or be part of the problem yourself. Inaction is as bad as participation etc.


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