How to build defensive turrets


  • Turrets can be occupied by players or controlled by AI
  • Small Grid Turrets on Large Grid Hinges can be crafted with a few tricky maneuvers
  • Custom turret controller eliminates the need to use cockpits for manually operated turrets

Automated turrets are the first line of defense for any base or ship in “Space Engineers. They will help prevent enemy players or hostile AI units from freely damaging structures, and they are also excellent for passing on the offensive.

The default automated turrets are great and all, but players can outfit their custom turrets with more effective guns at very little cost. Here’s what players will need to create custom turrets and some design tips to help keep them efficient and effective.

How to build basic turrets

To craft the base of a turret, players will need an advanced rotor and a hinge connected to a conveyor system to feed ammo to the turret guns. Next, place a Conveyor Junction or a small cargo container to act as the turret base, then add your weapons of choice to the sides. After that, apply armor blocks to protect important turret components during combat and a camera to aim the turret.

A basic hinged turret for base defense Photo: Space Engineers

Finally, place a custom turret controller, which will allow the newly built turret to be controlled by players or AI.

This is the basic turret configuration which is very easy to make. However, this can be improved by using some nifty tricks.

Turret Building Tips

Players can remove the large centerpiece of the hinge and replace it with a smaller grille version. Grind the large hinge part, then put a small one in the middle; this is best done in Zero-G environments as the small hinge piece will not snap onto the main assembly.

Head to the nearest control panel and select the hinge. Click the “Attach” button to connect the small hinge part to the large hinge, essentially turning it into a small-large grid hybrid. This will allow players to connect small grid weapons to a large grid ship or building.

Having a smaller grid allows players to place more weapons or more armor on the turret without sacrificing much firepower.

To manually control the turret, interact with the custom turret controller, then assign the hinge, rotor, and camera to the turret through the control panel menu. Once done, click on the “Control” button.

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