How To Make Dalgona Candy From Netflix’s “Squid Game”


Squid game, the South Korean survival drama that just premiered on Netflix, is fast becoming one of the streaming platform’s most successful TV shows, surpassing Bridgerton, according to Variety.

The show is a rather dark and dystopian tale, featuring people competing for money (and their lives) in a series of games based on ancient Korean children’s games. One of the games that the characters compete in is Ppopgi, which you may have heard as dalgona. Yes, this dalgona. The viral coffee sensation was based on a sweet candy in South Korea, named after the similar color and textures of coffee and candy during its manufacturing process. (Dalgona and Ppopgi are interchangeable, with each use often being regional.)

While this honeycomb-based candy might seem difficult to make, this dalgona kit on Amazon just helps the whole process. Available for just under $ 18, it includes all the tools you need to make the candy, including a ladle, tray, press, scraper, and a few molds. All you need is some sugar and baking soda, and you can make your own dalgona candy at home.

To make your own dalgona, start by melting a little sugar over low heat using the ladle, also stirring constantly. Once the sugar has melted, add a pinch of baking soda and keep stirring. You will see the color and consistency change as the baking soda is added and mixed. Turn off the heat once the consistency looks like the last step of dalgona coffee, then pour it onto the pan and flatten the candies using a press. Place and lightly press the mold onto the candy before it cools and hardens to imprint a shape. Once it’s cooled and fully hardened, remove the candies from the board and try your hand at the game.

Historically, these candies were sold in neighborhoods all over South Korea and were especially popular in dongs like Myeongdong. Made by heating sugar and baking soda, the candy is then flattened and a shape is printed using a mold, then allowed to harden. People would then try to eat the candy around the mold without breaking the shape. It has been said that if one could successfully eat around the candy while maintaining the shape, the customer would receive another dalgona candy for free. Smart candy eaters would use a variety of tricks to successfully break shapes, ranging from carefully breaking pieces around the mold to using needles. In Squid game, one of the main characters used one of the tricks experienced dalgona eaters know, which involves melting the candy with your saliva rather than breaking or biting it, which could potentially destroy the shape.

Try your hand at the game with your very own dalgona kit, available now on Amazon.

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