How to quickly find your saved Wi-Fi passwords


Forgetting Wi-Fi passwords can be very painful, but Windows 11 makes it easy for users to find passwords for all Wi-Fi networks saved on the computer.

Forgetting Wi-Fi passwords can be really painful, but luckily, the Windows 11 provides an easy way to find passwords for all Wi-Fi networks saved on the computer. Released in October 2021 for all compatible PCs, Windows 11 brings a host of incremental changes over its predecessor, including the integration of Android applications, better virtual desktop support for improved multitasking, support official widgets, etc. The new operating system is currently rolling out as a free update for Windows 10 users on supported devices.

Windows 11 also takes over most of the existing features of Windows 10, including the ability to find passwords for all Wi-Fi networks the PC has connected to in the past. There are two ways to find Wi-Fi passwords on a Windows 11 computer, and both methods work for private networks, public Wi-Fi, and mobile hotspots. However, while one of the methods only applies to the current Wi-Fi connection, the other can be used to find passwords for all the Wi-Fi networks saved on the PC. The methods are similar on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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As explained by Microsoft, the easiest way to find the Wi-Fi password for an active connection in Windows 11 is to use the network settings. To access the network settings, open the control panel and click ‘Network and sharing center.’ If the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ option is not visible, replace ‘Display’ with “Small icons” using the “View by” drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Control Panel window, or navigate to ‘Network and Internet’ then select “View network status and tasks” in the ‘Category’ view. Then click on ‘Change adaptation parameters’ in the left sidebar, then double-click the target Wi-Fi adapter to open the Wi-Fi status window for that connection. Then, in the Wi-Fi Status window, click on the “Wireless properties” and on the next page, go to ‘Security’ tongue. Finally, click on the “Show characters” checkbox to see the password (network security key) of the active Wi-Fi network.

Find all saved Wi-Fi passwords using command prompt

Windows 11: How to Quickly Find Your Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

While the above-mentioned method works fine for the active Wi-Fi connection, it does not allow users to see the passwords of all the Wi-Fi networks that the PC has already connected to. To do this, users must use the command line interface. To do this, first open the command prompt in administrator mode by searching ‘cmd’ in the search bar, then clicking on ‘Execute as administrator.’ Then enter netsh wlan show profile and press Enter. This command will list all the Wi-Fi networks saved on this PC.

Now select the network whose password is needed, then type the following command and press Enter: netsh wlan show profile name="xyz" key=clear. The password is now visible under “Key content”. Note that “xyz” must be replaced by the name of the network whose user is looking for the password. So if the network name is “OneWiFi”, the command must be netsh wlan show profile name="OneWiFi" key=clear. This should help the user to find the forgotten password for “OneWiFi” on their Windows 11 PC.

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