How to Secure Your Streaming Chat with Phone and Email Verification 2021 Tips


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Check out how you can secure your streaming chat with phone and email verification

It’s no secret that a lot of people aren’t happy with Twitch’s handling of online harassment from streamers and content creators. While hate speech online is nothing new, so-called hate raids are on the rise where, instead of someone’s usual audience, a streamer’s chat is inundated with all kinds of hate messages, usually from hundreds of bot accounts.

In response, Twitch introduced new tools, including verified phone chat and extended settings for email verification. These are meant to help creators better control their chat experience and improve security. Phone Verified Chat gives creators more control over who can participate by allowing them to require some or all users to verify a phone number before they can participate. Issuers will be able to use email and phone verification jointly to meet their specific needs. Twitch has apparently spent months testing this new system to improve security, and as of September 29, these tools are available to all users.

Creators and moderators can set the conditions for checking a channel. Creators can access these settings by going to Control Panel, then Settings, and finally Moderation. Mods can access it via chat and click “Manage moderation settings”. These new verification requirements can be applied to all accounts, including those who are chatting for the first time, those who are chatting with accounts that are less than six months old, and those that have been following a creator for less than three months. There is also the option to exempt VIPs, Subscribers and Moderators from verification.

On the viewer side, if a channel you’re watching has phone or email verification turned on and you haven’t signed in a phone number or email address yet, you’ll be prompted to do so at case you try to chat. Refusing will not prevent you from watching a show, but it does mean that you will not be able to send messages on channels where measurements are enabled. To avoid circumvention of the ban, if an account verified by phone is suspended on the site, all accounts linked to that number will also be suspended. This means that banned users will not be able to verify additional accounts using the same phone number.

With the phone verification tools just rolled out, it’s too early to say how effective they will be in solving the serious problem at hand. Those planning hate raids may find ways to bypass these measures of necessity for their bots, such as using other platforms like Discord. This makes it difficult for moderators to monitor, let alone stop, harassment situations, and the involvement of separate platforms means there isn’t much that Twitch can do on its own. Nonetheless, these recent steps are a good sign that Twitch is not ignoring the concerns of its user base and is keen to find new ways to help its content creators and fans have a safe and positive experience on the site.

Final Words: How You Can Secure Your Streaming Chat With Phone & Email Verification

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