Huawei P Smart S receives March 2022 EMUI security update

Huawei has designed EMUI 12 with various features that could make it easier for your Huawei smartphone to access. These features are developed to give you a new user experience and bring you closer to the HarmonyOS operating system. Therefore, you will get the most out of this operating system in all aspects of your device interactions.

In terms of features, Huawei EMUI 12 has a variety of offerings, including the new user interface that resembles the HarmonyOS operating system. However, some essential parts of the software are interactive and have their own uniqueness.

These features, along with Huawei’s Control Panel and new Notification Center, will take your phone’s user interactions to the next level. If you want to get the most out of your phone, you should definitely install the latest version of EMUI 12 on your phone without further ado.

Then, EMUI 12 also improves the system performance which plays a major role in performing the tasks of the device. On the other hand, everyday tasks are now more efficient, saving battery life for the longevity of the device’s backup capability.

How to update:

Before moving to the update section, we recommend that you install the latest security patches and keep your phone with the recent version of EMUI. Apart from this, it is also suggested to take backup of important data before downloading the latest version of the software.

To download the latest EMUI 12 software, visit – Settings > System & Updates, then visit the Software Updates section for further steps. You can also access the My Huawei app to request an OTA update package.

EMUI 12 for the mid-range:

Currently, Huawei has placed EMUI 12 in the flagship lineup, but the company will soon bring it to more mid-range and budget phones, including the P30 lite and older high-end Huawei devices – the Huawei Mate series. 10 and P20.

The installation will bring these devices additional features and an updated user experience that will make them more usable and interesting than before.

Huawei EMUI 12 is surely interesting but different consumers have their own opinion about it. So, we want to know what is your own opinion about EMUI 12, is it good enough or not good enough? Let us know via the survey below.

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