Interra BATON QC Platform Passes AWS Technical Exam; The company joins the network of partners

CUPERTINO, Calif.— Interra Systems revealed this week that its automated quality control (QC) platform based on machine learning and artificial intelligence BATON has successfully passed an AWS Foundational (FTR) technical review and that the company has joined the Amazon Web Services partner network.

The availability of Interra Systems’ solutions in the cloud offers media companies a way to take advantage of newer, faster processors to optimize performance and gives them the ability to streamline content production and delivery from anywhere. where, the company said.

“We are excited to join the AWS Partner Network and further strengthen our commitment to the cloud,” said Saurabh Jain, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Interra Systems. “Being part of the AWS Partner Network brings increased efficiency and savings to customers who use our quality control and monitoring solutions. Having our software solutions stamped with an FTR approval also means customers can expect world-class security, reliability, and operational excellence when running on the AWS Cloud.”

Interra Systems’ quality control, captioning/captioning, monitoring and analytics software solutions provide a comprehensive set of tools for scalability, high performance and centralized management, the company said. .

With the option of on-premises and cloud deployments, its solutions give media companies the flexibility to deliver premium live and video-on-demand assets to global audiences now and in the future, it said. -he declares.

“As media companies move to the cloud, they need solutions that can ensure content quality at cloud scale,” said Ryan Broadwell, director of ISV partnerships at AWS. “We are thrilled to have Interra Systems join the AWS Partner Network to enable media companies to scale their content workflows.”

As an AWS Partner, Interra Systems is positioned to help media companies take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer and accelerate their journey to the cloud. FTR helps AWS partners identify and remediate risks in their products or solutions.

Running BATON products on AWS enables media companies to perform remote content quality control in the cloud from anywhere in the world. BATON offers QC support for 4K, full audio-video quality controls for complex content, improved OAR watermark and Cinavia watermark controls, IMF Application 2 Extended, PSE for HDR, foreign languages, Dolby Atmos and audio FLAC.

More information is available about the company website.

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