Killer Black Friday TV deal drops 55-inch TCL 4K Roku TV to just $ 379

The Black Friday deal season is a great time to step up your entertainment and buy a brand new 4K TV. Especially if your current model is showing its age and doesn’t have all of the best features.

The good news is that Walmart just lowered the price of a 55-inch TCL Roku smart TV to just $ 379. It’s $ 120 off the regular price, and it comes with Roku’s popular operating system built-in. Amazon at the same low price.

Obviously, buying a TV can be a bit overwhelming, so knowing exactly what you’re going to get helps helps. The main attraction of TCL’s 55-inch offering will be its large size and the fact that it can display content in 4K resolution with high dynamic range (HDR).

It also comes with 4 HDMI ports and all software available for Roku devices. This way, you can access all the best streaming services on your TV, without using any external gadgets. You can easily switch from Netflix and Amazon to Disney Plus and HBO Max.

Another plus: The included Roku remote offers voice control, making it even easier to find content to watch. You can search for movie titles, launch or change channels and even change input via voice.

The downside is that this TV doesn’t offer a lot of the features you’ll find on more premium screens. It’s an LCD panel, rather than OLED or QLED, that delivers a better picture, and it only offers a 60Hz refresh rate. So anyone lucky enough to win the PS5 restock game won’t be able to. play at 120 Hz.

Still, if you’re looking for a big screen TV with seamless streaming support, this is the one to consider. Especially considering the price drop of $ 120. Otherwise, there are plenty of other Black Friday TV deals to choose from, as well as Black Friday Roku deals to spruce up your screen.

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