Latest Tor Browser Update Bypasses Internet Censorship

Bypassing internet censorship is among the many updates in version 11.5 of the Tor Browser.

Available for download from the Tor Project website (opens in a new tab)the latest release “will transform the user experience of connecting to Tor from heavily censored regions,” the company said in a statement. (opens in a new tab).

The latest update can now automatically apply the correct bridge configuration you need, based on what it thinks will work best in your region.

Tor censorship and network settings

It works by “searching for and downloading an up-to-date list of country-specific options to try and use your location”, which the Tor Project clearly states is something that only happens with the consent of the user. It’s called Connection Assist and is in version 1.0, so it may be somewhat limited on features and functionality until future updates.

The company said the previous major browser update bypassing Tor network censorship was a “confusing” manual process.

This “required censored users… to determine which option to choose,” the company said.

The project expects most of its users to use the new automatic login assistance tool, but it has also made significant changes to the manual interface that many users will prefer.

The renamed Tor network settings page – now called Connection Settings – makes things like connection statuses and bridges more visible, while the entire settings section is supposed to be more streamlined.

Tor Browser for Android

The organization’s version openly admits that the Android version of its browser has been left behind recently, lacking many of the features that the desktop versions get.

A new roadmap will focus on more regular updates, as well as fixing app crashes and bringing the app in line with Firefox’s Android app, Fenix, on which Tor is based.

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