Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Ending, Explained

While Legends of Tomorrow spent much of season 7 moved, replaced, and stalled, the finale brought sad partings and hopeful news to a close.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7, Episode 13, “Knocked Down, Knocked Up,” which aired March 2 on The CW.

The legends of tomorrow had a turbulent season, which found them stranded in 1925 by their old nemesis Bishop before having to face a pre-Legends rogue Gideon, who lacked human compassion and understanding. At the end of Season 7, audiences said goodbye to a longtime legend and crossed their fingers for a Season 8 renewal to answer the question, “What will the legends do next?”

As “Knocked Down, Knocked Up” begins, the team learns to accept the deal they made with Gideon to retire and give up time travel forever, while agreeing to visit each other once. per week in the pocket mansion. Eventually, the team learned of Gary’s unceremonious departure from the Waverider as the evil Gideon deemed him unworthy of his mission to preserve time. Learning this news also came with the discovery that Alun, Gwyn’s lover, was a robot and that Gwyn used her time machine to try to rescue Alun properly, only to be killed by a repairman as the Alum’s death is a fixed point.

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The team’s attempt to save their friend led them to meet the repairman, who turned out to be none other than Booster Gold (played by Scrubs star Donald Faison). Booster agreed to help the team save Alun by convincing him that time would heal itself. All the while, Astra and Spooner were doing their best to regain access to the Waverider and get rid of the evil Gideon once and for all.

They tried to reason with the AI ​​but failed, forcing the evil Gideon to download himself into a robot body and attempt to personally kill the Legends. Thinking quickly, Human Gideon fired at the control panel, lowering the Waverider’s camouflage and forcing the evil Gideon to focus on fixing this anomaly…by blowing himself up with the Waverider. Luckily, Astra was able to protect herself, Spooner, and Gideon while reassembling the Waverider, a feat she attempted and failed in the season premiere episode which led to the “birth” of Human Gideon. This time, Astra managed to put the ship back together, a true testament to her growing power and belief in herself as a true witch, without the magic of hell or John Constantine holding her back.

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As wonderful as seeing the Waverider, it gave Booster Gold the opportunity to steal it by stopping time and taking the ship for a ride before returning. But he did not come alone. As soon as the Legends arrived on deck, they were assaulted by a group of official-looking people with guns pointed at them, stopping the team. Booster informed the team that they were arrested for their various crimes against time, leading them on an all-new adventure.

However, being arrested was the only terrible thing that happened to Legends of Tomorrow. as they received good news from one member and heartbreaking but hopeful news from another. First, Sara and Ava had started pre-screening donors for Ava to use and were eager to start their family. After Gary returned from the caveman days, he noticed something different with Sara…she was biologically pregnant. When she was cloned by Bishop in Season 6, she was given the biology of an alien that reproduces through physical touch, leading to Sara becoming pregnant with Ava’s child. While the news initially stressed the former assassin, a conversation with his wife led her to calm her nerves and rediscover the joys of it.

The second piece of news was the departure of Nate Heywood, who joined the Waverider in Season 2 and had hinted that he would be leaving throughout the season. Feeling lost without Zari 1.0, Nate made the decision to move in with her inside the Air Totem but kept waiting for the right moment. “Knocked Down, Knocked Up” saw Nate lose his superpowers as he went through mustard gas to save Alun. The gas rusted his steel powers, giving him the ability to hang up the suit and officially retire from the team and allow himself happily ever after.

As one door closes, hundreds more open as Legends of Tomorrow heralds another season. There is currently no news of a Season 8 renewal.

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