Libya celebrates Safer Internet Day


The Libyan Internet Society held an awareness program on protecting children online on Tuesday on the occasion of “Safer Internet Day”, which falls on February 6 each year.

The program was organized under the auspices of the General Information Authority in cooperation with the Ministry of Education at the headquarters of the Teachers Union in Tripoli under the slogan “Create, Communicate and Share with Respect. A Better Internet Begins with you “to educate children, parents and caregivers on the appropriate and responsible use of the Internet.

Over 200 fourth and sixth graders attended the event in addition to a number of social workers, computer teachers and members of the General Libyan Girl Scouts and Guides Movement.

The program brought together experts and other interested stakeholders, including the Chairman of the Management Committee of the General Information Authority, the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Tripoli, the president of the Libyan Internet Society, the director of the cybercrime department at the Criminal Investigation Authority and a number of officials from the Ministry of Education.

The event included interactive awareness programs, which aim to make children aware of the dangers posed by internet misuse and guide them towards the appropriate and safe use of information and communication technologies, in addition to make parents and caregivers aware of their role in this aspect in order to guarantee a safer environment for children on the Internet.

Safer Internet Day is an international event to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people.

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