Since banks treat craftsmen as natural persons and business entities, they have at their disposal banking products from one or another group of clients. Craftsman loans are a broader group than at first glance.

A craftsman is a natural person who performs a particular economic activity and generates, generates, markets, or markets services on his own behalf and generates income on his own behalf. The total income generated is paid in favor of the giro account of the craftsmen and is taxed on income tax.

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Craftsman, client of Good Finance Group

Craftsman, client of Good Finance Group

An increasing number of small businesses, including craftsmen, are appearing in the Good Finance Group with the aim of obtaining information on financial products (transaction accounts, loans, insurance, etc.) that are important for successful business in one place.

Most often, the so-called Good Finance group appears family craftsmen. This form of craft is used to help family members without the obligation to start a work relationship. Since the salaries of workers for craftsmen represent a cost of doing business, they usually employ a smaller number of employees.

Craftsmen are free to withdraw cash from the giro account, so many craftsmen do not pay their wages in the traditional way. Therefore, the Good Finance group is most often referred to by artisans who pay a minimal lump sum contribution (monthly in the amount of approximately 1,900.00 kn), regardless of how much they actually earned.

In this article, we provide an overview of the most frequently asked questions and our answers related to artisan lending.

Loans to craftsmen as businesses

Loans to craftsmen as businesses

If a credit institution views an artisan as a business entity, there are special purpose loans available in banking products.

Usually, special purpose loans are intended for tradesmen short-term loans for financing seasonal jobs, jobs contracted for the delivery of goods or services and other needs for working capital.

To finance fixed assets, commercial banks offer traders the opportunity to realize long-term loans.

Framework credit per business account

Craftsmen can use the framework credit on the basis of a business account on the principle of minus the current account of citizens.

Such a way of borrowing from a bank is a solid way to reconcile income and expenses. The framework loan on the giro account to tradesmen serves to finance the need for additional working capital and for the occasional maintenance of liquidity.

Usually, the term of using the giro account of tradesmen is 12 months, and the repayment of the framework loan is made from current operations.