Minority report: Minority UP panel to seek Muslim input on population control law

The Uttar Pradesh Minorities Commission will launch a campaign to seek Muslim input on a population control law in the state. A panel will travel to districts and areas with more than 25% Muslim population to seek advice and submit a report to the UP Assembly as well as Parliament on its findings.

“The population of our country is already very high and continues to grow. Therefore, if a law to control the population is not passed, our country will face major problems in the future. Therefore, a committee is being formed which will talk to members of the Muslim community on population control and ask their opinion on the draft law to control the population,” said Ashfaq Saifi, Chairman of the Minorities Commission of Uttar Pradesh, at the Sunday Express.

According to him, the panel will include members of the Commission, Islamic scholars, NGO volunteers and some other renowned personalities.

“This committee will visit all districts with special attention to districts where the Muslim population is above 25%. We write the details like what specific things they would talk about…After holding such meetings, the committee will submit a report to us, which will then be studied by our Commission, and will then be sent to the UP Assembly and Parliament, Saifi said.

“We have already run a campaign where members of the Commission have visited the districts and talked to members of the Muslim community about their problems and whether they have taken advantage of government programs,” Saifi added.

Last July, the Uttar Pradesh government, led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, said “attempts will be made to ensure a demographic balance between the different communities” in the state.

In its 2021-30 population policy, the government also said “widespread campaigns” would be carried out in communities, groups and geographical areas with the highest fertility rates.

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The policy aims to lower the state’s crude fertility rate from 2.7 currently to 2.1 by 2026, and to 1.9 by 2030 “by empowering women to make personal choices.” enlightened”.

The 40-page population policy document was released on World Population Day, days after the UP Law Commission posted a population control bill on its website.

“We support the government’s proposal to pass a population control law because it is a good step. If our population is controlled, the country will be better,” Saifi said.

Asked about this, the Danish Minister of State (Department of Minority Welfare and Waqf) Azad Raza said: “We support the Commission’s initiative. Right now we are focusing on the 100 days of Yogi 2.0 government completion. After that, we will give more details about the initiative.

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