New York mother and son have been charged with theft of Nancy Pelosi’s staff laptop during the Capitol riot

Mooney-Rondon and his son stand in the crowd during the Capitol Uprising on January 6.

Mooney-Rondon and his son in the crowd during the January 6 Capitol uprising. The Ministry of Justice.

  • A mother and son have been charged with the theft of a laptop computer belonging to Nancy Pelosi’s aide during the Capitol riot.

  • Maryann Mooney-Rondon and Rafael Rondon were arrested on Friday, according to court documents.

  • They were captured on CCTV and tape recordings of spectators inside the Speaker’s conference room.

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A New Yorker mother and son accused of aiding the theft of a laptop computer belonging to Congress staff from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the January 6 Capitol riot were arrested last week, months after the FBI initially searched an Alaskan home in April during a search. for the stolen computer.

Maryann Mooney-Rondon, 55, and her son Rafael Rondon, 23, of Watertown, New York, were arrested on Friday in connection with the stolen laptop, according to court documents reviewed by Insider. The two face additional charges related to their involvement in the attack on Capitol Hill earlier this year.

The FBI received intelligence in May identifying Mooney-Rondon and his son in a series of photographs taken during the insurgency, court documents show. Cell phone location data recovered by investigators placed the duo near the Capitol building on January 6.

Surveillance video from inside the building captured Mooney-Rondon and Rondon entering Pelosi’s conference room around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon, prosecutors said. A 5-second video recorded by a passer-by allegedly showed a person reaching out for a laptop and gloves, both sitting on a conference table. According to a criminal complaint, the rings seen on the individual’s hand match footage of Mooney-Rondon filmed on surveillance footage throughout the building.

In the video, a female voice was reportedly heard saying, “Dude, put on gloves” as an unidentified man uses the gloves to pick up the laptop. The recording also shows another man, dressed cohesively as Rondon, standing in front of the table near the laptop, court documents show.

A woman's hand grabs a laptop and gloves.

Screenshot of a spectator video taken in Nancy Pelosi’s boardroom on January 6. The Ministry of Justice

Investigators confirmed that a laptop was stolen from Pelosi’s conference room on January 6. The Associated Press reported that the laptop was only used for presentations.

During a voluntary interview, Mooney-Rondon admitted to being in the Capitol and Pelosi conference room that day, according to the complaint. She also allegedly admitted to providing gloves or a scarf to help a man steal Pelosi’s laptop without leaving his fingerprints.

In a separate interview, Rondon also admitted to aiding the robbery, telling investigators he helped bag the laptop using a glove, prosecutors said.

“While we were in the office, one of the [individuals], he was trying to unplug the Ethernet cords from one of the laptops, and he yelled at me and my mom for help, ”Rondon said in the complaint. “And honestly, I was a little scared, because I didn’t. find out if he had anything on him. . . So I helped him out a bit, and it was probably stupid of me. “

The complaint notes that weeks before receiving advice identifying Mooney-Rondon and his son in photos, FBI agents obtained a search warrant for a house in Alaska, based in part on evidence showing that the two residents, a husband and wife, entered during the January 6 riot. At least two witnesses have allegedly mistakenly identified Mooney-Rondon as the resident of the Alaska house in the photos of the scene.

Mooney-Rondon and Rondon both appeared in federal court on Friday in Syracuse, New York, and were released pending further proceedings, according to the AP.

Neither the mother nor the son had information about the lawyer available and could not be reached for comment.

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