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Pictured is a new computerized numerical control machine at Randolph High School Photo Submitted

RANDOLPH – Randolph High School recently decided to offer a Computer Numerical Control Technology course to its students and invested in a CNC machine which is a computerized manufacturing process where pre-programmed software and codes control the movement of equipment of production.

“Investing and updating our carpentry shop to include a CNC has changed the perspective of students as well as the content of our courses”, said Jessie Perison, a teacher at Randolph High School. “Students are inspired and challenged to push the boundaries of design. The machine introduced students to material properties, machining processes, programming, tolerances, and all of the manufacturing trades. The transformation and confidence of students since the purchase of the CNC is unprecedented. In the past, when our students visited local factories, students were intimidated by CNC manufacturing and programming. However, when we visited Stuart Tool and Die this year, the students discussed with the engineers the design software, the number of axes, the tolerances and the specific types of equipment.

Kaine Kelly, district superintendent, said the industrial-grade CNC router will provide students with real-world experience that will help them meet the region’s skilled labor needs and possibly lead them into career paths. that they had not considered before.

“Randolph Central School District is committed to providing our children with experiences that will help them develop the skills they will need to compete in the 21st century global workplace. This program goes beyond classroom instruction as we continuously work to partner with local industry to provide our students with school-to-work opportunities at all levels,” said Kelly. “STEAM-based learning gives students tools and methods to explore creative new ways to solve problems, display data, innovate, and connect multiple domains. This teaches them to think outside the box! The point of STEAM is to inspire research and curiosity; to enable students to ask challenging questions that foster creativity and exploration, and to connect their problem solving to real-world solutions. With STEAM, no subject, or student, is left out. Our students learn by doing. »

“Not only does the CNC Router give students experience they can use in industry, it allows them to think outside the box when it comes to designing and planning a project,” said Jason Halpainy, principal of Randolph High School. “Our students continue to push themselves and our staff to be creative and problem solvers.

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