Anna lived in a financial nightmare until she contacted Edward Mole. In one day we had lowered Anna’s monthly cost by over USD 8,000. “This is the best summer ever!”.

Panic lay around the corner.

money loan

Anna, a resident of Halland, paid over USD 10,000 a month for various bank loans. She worked extra to get through each month pretty and evenly. The fact that she also paid an additional USD 10000 a month to a relative she borrowed money from did not make the case better.

A hope was lit when Anna listened to her friend, who had been helped by Edward Mole. Anna took courage and contacted us.

“I must try,” I thought. It felt like it was my last chance. I had been trying for a long time to collect my loans on my own to get a lower cost, but no bank wanted to help me, says Anna.

So when Anna contacted us, she had no great hopes of getting help. But as in many other cases, we exceeded her expectations.

But how did she end up there, with soaring borrowing costs?

money loan

“You have saved me!” Says Anna, who was close to tears of joy when we presented the solution to her.

We compared the loan terms of some 20 banks and other lenders to see who could offer the lowest interest rate to get Anna as a customer. We succeeded in helping Anna to reduce the monthly cost of the loans to only USD 2044, ie over USD 8,000 less per month.

Keep in mind that Anna significantly extended her repayment period, which could mean that the total cost of the loan will be higher. At the same time, there is free amortization right in Sweden, which means that you can pay off the loan early. You can also renegotiate the loan at a later date and lower the repayment period when your situation looks better.

Anna is incredibly pleased with the help she received from our attorney Alan Hawo and counselor Pontus Carlson.

– They made a clear proposal and explained everything so that I really understood. It was nice that they were so nice and understanding, instead of just scribbling a lot of hard numbers !, says Anna, noticeably relieved that she was so well-behaved.

Anna has now received help from her nightmare-like situation.

money loan

– I helped my old grandfather who had a hard time paying bills, and then I was young and stupid as a poor student when I went on all the advertising about “cheap loans”, says Anna, who unfortunately is not alone in this experience.

Now that Anna has received help from us at Edward Mole, she looks bright at her finances, because she can even save money for the future. She probably never thought she would say this, but:

– It’s fun to pay bills!

Anna would like to recommend others to take the help of Edward Mole to lower their monthly costs.

What does Edward Mole do?

Edward Mole helps individuals save money by arranging better terms for their loans. The service is free of charge and personal advice is included. Learn more about us here or contact us today to improve your own loan situation!