Reservoir Link obtains Shell contract for straight line services


KUALA LUMPUR: Reservoir Link Energy BhdThe Reservoir Link Sdn Bhd unit has received an award letter from Sarawak Shell Bhd and Sabah Shell Perroleum Co Ltd for the supply of straight line equipment and services.

In a brief, he said the scope of work will include the supply of a full set of Zone II lightweight runner packages.

“This is complete with an integrated hydraulic control panel and an accumulator system incorporated into the reel shoe for hydraulic blowout control operations, a full set of surface pressure control equipment, a hydraulic hand pump

complete with hydraulic hoses for hydraulic stuffing box operations, portable hydraulic mast, x-overs and other accessories to support SSB / SSPC operations, ”he said.

The contract takes effect from the date of the award letter for a period of three years.

“The Contract obtained will have no effect on the share capital and the shareholding structure of the Company and there will be no immediate effect on the net assets per share and the indebtedness of the Company.

“However, the contract is expected to contribute positively to the profits and net assets of the company and its subsidiaries during the term of the contract,” he said.

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