Review of the Cort Tube Craft CMV15

Cort Tube Craft CMV15: What is it?

The Cort brand has gained momentum in recent years, reinforced by a wide range of acoustic, electrical and bass guitars priced for the budget conscious right through to the professional.

The company’s role as the builder of choice for PRS Guitars’ more affordable and superlative SE range offers further endorsement of its capabilities.

But we tend not to associate Cort with guitar amps, even though it offers four series: beginner-friendly CM combos, 150-watt MIX series acoustic/electric/bass combo, acoustic guitar amp AF and the Tube Craft series. . Maybe this one will change that.

Tube Cort Craft CMV15

(Image credit: Future/Olly Curtis)

The Tube Craft is an enticing prospect. If the Craft CMV15 tube amp combo can do for amplification what the G290 FAT II does for high performance electric guitar, that is great news indeed.

The Craft CMV15 looks the part, dressed in super tough black vinyl, gold piping, black chicken head dials on a black control panel, cream vinyl racing stripes on top and more gold piping, and finally the Cort badge on the front in gold. It’s an aesthetic that draws inspiration from high-end American brands.

Tube Cort Craft CMV15

(Image credit: Future/Olly Curtis)

A 15-watt all-tube combo, it was developed with South Korean pedal and amp company Moollon, whose badging adorns the lower right corner of the grille.

Other Tube Craft Series options include a similarly wattage amp head and matching CMV112 cabinet which, like the CMV15, houses a single 12-inch Moollon driver. The CMV15 houses a trio of 12AX7s in the preamp, with a pair of EL84 tubes in the power amp.

The chic looks will appeal to many. Simplicity of design at most. The front panel features controls for gain, bass, mid, treble, and master volume, arranged left to right, with a red jewel lamp, hi and lo inputs, and your two on/off and power switches. feed.

Around the back there’s a serial effects loop, speaker outputs (two, and that’s it. Plug and play.

Tube Cort Craft CMV15

(Image credit: Future/Olly Curtis)

Cort Tube Craft CMV15: performance and verdict

While the looks gave it an American vibe, the sound to our ears is a bit more British, with a midrange up front. The brilliantly voiced passive EQ makes it easy to dial in a sound. Bass response is solid, and there’s plenty of travel on that treble dial that can add sparkle or give your tone a stiletto blade to help you punch through a mix.

Also think…

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Laney Coeur de Lion LT20-112
Impeccably built and voiced to give us the very best in vintage British guitar tone and more, the Lionheart LT20-112 is an incredible tube combo at a very reasonable price.

Laney Cub-Super12
If you’re looking for an affordable 1×12 tube combo, the Cub-Super12 is hard to beat. Its one watt input makes it suitable for the bedroom, while at 15 watts it’s punchy and musical, with great clear and powerful tones.

Orange Rocker 15 Combo
If brit-rock, blues and classic 70s rock are your musical thing, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s not the kind of EQ you have to watch your P and Q with. It’s forgiving, what you see is what you get. You can this Brit tube amp and take it anywhere, but – and perhaps it’s the race strip design that speaks to us – the CMV15 really opens up when you push it into overdriven situations. , where it really sings and delivers a plethora of tones that should broaden the amp’s appeal.

There is a bit of background noise which may need addressing if you’re using the CMV15 for recording, but playing with a band is perfectly acceptable.

The CMV15 has a nice dynamic response and, as with many tube amps of similar design, where simplicity is key, it doesn’t over-sauce your guitar tone. This gives the player a sort of blank canvas. While it does lack charm and sparkle with single coil pickups, and a boost or drive pedal will send the CMV15 dizzy, but where it really excels when your sound has humbucker meat on the l ‘bone.

Tube Cort Craft CMV15

(Image credit: Future/Olly Curtis)

Those in the unclaimed outback between blues and rock will love the overdriven sound of a big humbucker. There’s enough power to handle small gigs, and plenty of headroom if you want to use it as a pedalboard rig as well, with the effects loop expanding your options here.

The construction is solid. Finding hand-wired tube amps at this price is quite a proposition. The CMV15 would be worth auditioning for players looking for a bold British-voiced hit combo that’s versatile, sure, but definitely a hit with the denim classic rock crowd.

MusicRadar Verdict: The CMV15 does for the tube amp what Cort’s G290 FAT does for the electric guitarpresenting a high quality product for a very affordable price, with stellar build and tone.

Cort Tube Craft CMV15: the web says

“Hand-wired amps are getting more and more expensive to buy these days, and although the Tube Craft CMV15 uses some PCBs, the valve jacks are neatly hand-wired into an aluminum chassis here, and component layout is based on turret board designs, giving this amp the kind of sonic integrity, build quality, and reliability most often seen on products costing up to twice the price.”
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Cort Tube Craft CMV15: hands-on demos


Cort Tube Craft CMV15: Specifications

  • ORIGIN: Indonesia
  • TYPE: All Tube Combo
  • VALVES: 3x 12AX7, 2x EL84
  • DIMENSIONS: 470 (h) x 500 (w) x 230mm (d)
  • WEIGHT (kg/lb): 17/37
  • CABINET: Birch ply
  • SPEAKERS: 1x Moollon G12-30M 12″
  • CANALS : 2
  • CONTROLS: Gain, bass, middle, treble, master volume
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Serial effects loop
  • OPTIONS: None
  • RANGE OPTIONS: The CMV15H head is $749 / £529
  • CONTACT: Corte (opens in a new tab)

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