| COC Launches New Law Enforcement Technology Program


Canyons University has announced that it will launch its first law enforcement technology program, which is expected to begin in fall 2021. The program focuses on emerging trends and potential applications of new technologies in criminal investigations and other law enforcement activities.

A series of eight online courses, the first such program in the country, gives you the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree or professional qualification in this new area of ​​law enforcement from anywhere in the world.

“The University of Canyons is pleased to unveil this cutting-edge program that supports law enforcement and applicable technology,” said Dr. Omar Torres, vice president and vice president of the university. “We aim to open up another path to court administration with unique employment opportunities. This new program undoubtedly promotes the economic and social mobility of students, while supporting an evolving workforce. “

Students will gain insight into how technology affects law enforcement, many legal issues related to the use of technology, ethical boundary considerations, and operational and investigative methods.

Course topics include crime and the Internet, computer forensics, digital evidence acquisition, network security investigations, electronic surveillance and tracking.

Although not mandatory, it is recommended that you complete the Introductory Courses in Court Administration (ADM JUST 101) and Judicial System Principles and Procedures (ADM JUST 110) before enrolling in the Technology Program of law enforcement.

Certain course requirements may be exempted for students who have sufficient work experience to establish a working knowledge of the criminal justice system and basic criminal procedure.

“We are very pleased to offer this cutting edge program to students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement,” said Larry Alvarez, president of the College of Justice. “As technological advances continue to transform law enforcement agencies, there is a growing need for executives familiar with monitoring and analyzing technical data. “

The university’s Judicial Administration program focuses on research of U.S. law enforcement agencies with an emphasis on California law, process, and evidence.

Students gain insight into the history of law enforcement, the development of constitutional and statutory law, research techniques, reports, evidence, and criminal procedure.

Upon successful completion of the Forensic Administration Diploma program, students will gain a general but very practical knowledge of modern U.S. law enforcement agencies and an in-depth knowledge of California criminal law and technology. I can do it.

Registration for the university’s fall semester 2021 began on Monday, May 24.

The registration fee for all California community colleges will remain at $ 46 per unit, as required by the State of California.

For more information on the New Law Enforcement Technology Program Visit the program web page.. | COC Launches New Law Enforcement Technology Program Source Link | COC Launches New Law Enforcement Technology Program

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