“Seekr technology, combined with Semantic AI’s augmented intelligence platform, will provide an unprecedented ability to identify coordinated inauthentic behavior in time to take meaningful action,” noted Pat CondoCEO of Seekr.

Seekr works by taking a given query and applying a suite of machine learning algorithms, evaluating all results, with the same scrutiny as a data scientist and expert journalist. Seekr AI analyzes the quality of the information, the respect of journalistic principles and the general reliability of each result. Whenever Seekr’s AI detects events such as persuasion techniques, title exaggeration, clickbait, etc., it impacts the overall score. Seekr Score algorithms generate a mathematical rating of content to allow users to make more informed choices about what they read before they click. Along with its government applications, Semantic AI brings Cortex EIP to leading commercial enterprises, providing advanced data support for decision-making across the organization. The platform takes all data from any source, applying in-depth analytics techniques, including AI, to automatically generate dynamic reports and dashboards, empowering users to counter threats and to exploit the opportunities. Built on a revolutionary graph-based data store, Cortex EIP is perfectly suited to uncover the hidden connections between people, places, organizations and events.

Semantic AI, a leading provider of Open Source Intelligence software, has worked with the US government for over 20 years to automatically merge, analyze, visualize and create actionable insights. Cortex EIP has proven essential for effective programs within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Law Enforcement since the terrorist events of September 11, 2001.

“By combining Seekr’s search technology with Cortex EIP’s augmented analytics platform, we will be able to identify, attribute and counter threats hidden in open source data from virtually any what source”, added Richard “Chip” Harrison, CEO of Semantic AI.

About Seekr Technologies Inc.

Seekr is a private internet technology company that prioritizes transparency and empowers users with choice and control by streamlining access to trusted information. Current services include an independent search engine powered by artificial intelligence technology, which evaluates information and presents a Seekr score and a Lean policy indicator. Seekr is committed to giving everyone access to technology that makes it easy to find trusted content in context.

About Semantic AI – Celebrating 20 Years

Semantic AI is a private software company headquartered in San Diego, Californiawith offices at Alexandria, Virginia. In 2001, after 9/11, Semantic AI was among the first to use graph-based analysis to support the United States’ counterterrorism mission. Semantic AI technology is now used in commercial, government and non-profit sectors, including data-driven challenges in financial institutions, cyber, enterprise threat intelligence, sports integrity and critical infrastructure/supply chain management. Our mission is to make humans, not machines, smarter so they can make extraordinary decisions. Learn more about Semantic AI and our solutions by visiting our website, LinkedInand Twitter.

Contact: Erika Cruz, [email protected]

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