Sony Censors Strike As Switch Gets “20 Ladies” While PS4 Gets “20 Bunnies”

What are the three most lost objects in everyday life? You might be thinking about keys, wallets and the TV remote, but you forget the one thing we always lose: Ladies! Whenever we are about to leave the house, we can never remember where we last put our ladies. Are they at the back of the sofa? In the washing machine? If only there was a way to keep track of our ladies!

Eastasiasoft, a company whose games include “Waifu Uncovered” and “Hentai vs. Evil”, just showed off their latest take on the genre “girls wearing uncomfortably tight underwear”: 20 ladies, in which you complete simple platform puzzles to collect all your lost women. In addition, the ladies are naked! For some reason! Maybe all of their pants have been ripped apart by the twist traps littering the levels. Poor ladies.

There is an age limit on the trailer, as women don’t wear much, so we can’t fit it in here, but as long as you’re an adult you can check it out on YouTube.

But the best part of this game is yet to come, my friends. We rarely dip our toes into console wars as we are A) adults, B) owners of multiple consoles, and C) friends with all the Pure Xbox and Push Square writers, but we can’t help but find it. quite fun that Nintendo gets “checkers” while the PS4 and PS5 get … rabbits:

Yes, for PlayStaytion gamers, the scantily clad 20 Ladies have been replaced with anthropomorphized, fully clothed bunnies, thanks to Sony’s strict rules on sexual content. Check the difference in the descriptions:

20 ladies: “Beware of dangers! Break a heart three times and you’ll instantly respawn at the start, with your checkers reset to zero. You will have to touch them all without dying to go to the next step and unlock a seductive image for each that you complete.

20 rabbits: “Beware of dangers! Lose three hearts and you will instantly respawn at the start, with your rabbit counter reset. You will have to find them all without dying to move on to the next stage and unlock adorable picture for each that you complete.

Well, let’s put a positive spin on this: whether you want to unlock cute masses of ladies or fluffy bunny tails, there is something for everyone. One thing is certain: we will never lose our ladies again.

20 Ladies is coming to Nintendo eShop on November 19.

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