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“South Park” is often paged. But usually not like that.

On Wednesday, the conclusion of the two-part story involving the Prophet Muhammad was shown with a number of audio spots covered in beeps and images hidden by a block saying “CENSOR.” Although “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have had fun with censorship in the past – including the first part of Mohammed’s story, which involved free speech issues – apparently this time around , much of the censorship came from Comedy Central itself.

“Comedy Central was responsible for the beeps and didn’t show Mohammed in last night’s episode,” a network spokesperson told CNN.

The first part of the episode, which aired on April 14, drew protests from an Islamic group, Revolution Muslim. The group posted an entry on their website that included a warning to Parker and Stone that they risked violent retaliation after the episode included a satirical discussion about the possibility of showing an image of the prophet.

Abu Talhah al Amrikee, the author of the post, told CNN that it was intended to show those who are offended by the portrayal of Mohammed how they can voice their opposition, and that it was not a call for violence.

Mohammed was reportedly portrayed disguised in a bear costume in part of the episode, although last night’s episode revealed otherwise.

On Stone and Parker’s website, SouthParkStudios.com, a post acknowledged that Comedy Central had added beeps and they couldn’t stream their cut from Part 2:

“After delivering the show and prior to the airing, Comedy Central placed many additional audio beeps throughout the episode,” a post said on the site. “We do not have network approval to air our original version of the show.”

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