Texas inmates will soon receive tablet computers to help with rehabilitation and reintegration


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced this month that it wants to provide tablets to nearly all inmates in the state over the next 12 months.

The Roach unit in Childress will be one of the first to receive tablets towards the end of the year.

The state began to look into this when COVID-19 restricted inmates’ communication with the outside world.

Now they will be able to send emails, keep up to date with the latest news and have access to e-learning to help them succeed outside of prison.

“Much of our education is online and therefore individuals can participate, get out of prison with some type of trade or job, which will facilitate their reintegration into society,” said Dr Harry Hueston, former professor of West Criminal Justice. Texas A&M University.

Securus technology provides the tablets free of charge and the prison administration will be able to monitor what can be viewed online.

The ministry issued a statement saying it will bring efficiency to employees who will have to scan detainees’ mail for contraband and illegal substances.

Dr Hueston believes monitoring is necessary to ensure inmates progress

“I think this is part of an ongoing ability of the state of Texas to say, ‘Let’s see if we can use this as an education and rehabilitation tool,’” said Dr. Hueston.

Prisons will receive over 100,000 of these tablets and they will be donated on a privilege basis.

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