The 6 best portable ice makers for camping


When you’re RV camping, it’s nice to have extra ice on hand without having to worry about trays in your freezer or do a last minute errand at the store. The best portable ice makers for camping are quick and easy to use, saving you time and money, and some even offer self-cleaning features. There are a few key things to consider when shopping:

  • Speed: Why have an ice maker if it takes hours to make a batch of ice cubes? Many machines will specify how long it takes per cycle of nine cubes. (The options below range from six to 10 minutes). You can also check the capacity of the machine, which indicates how much ice it can produce in a 24 hour period and can drop from 25 to 45 pounds.
  • Machine size: Think about how much space you have on your RV counter and how much ice you anticipate going through on your camping trip. If you plan on using a lot, look for a larger ice cube basket and water tank.
  • Ice cube size: The type of ice cubes you want may vary depending on how you use them. Bigger cubes are generally better for sipping cocktails, for example, while smaller cubes tend to be better for mashing in smoothies. If this versatility is important to you, look for a machine that can do both.
  • Cleanliness: When it comes to ice makers, cleanliness is very important because apart from being unsanitary, dirty ice makers can produce unwanted tastes and odors. For convenience, some of the options below provide some form of self-cleaning mode.

To help you keep your cool in the wilderness, here are the best portable ice makers for camping.

1. This incredibly popular ice maker which has over 5,000 fans on Amazon

Dimensions: 12.2 by 9.06 by 12.8 inches

Capacity: 26 pounds

Storage room: 1.25 pounds (ice basket); 1.89 liters (water tank)

What’s good: With over 5,500 impressive positive reviews on Amazon, this popular Igloo countertop ice maker is one of the fan favorites on the site. The fast and convenient machine, which takes just seven minutes to make nine ice cubes, offers two different sizes of cylindrical cubes. The small and compact ice maker, made with food grade material that reduces odor, also features an automated five-cycle cleaning system. Available in five colors, it has an easy to use control panel with LED lights. Better yet, it’s one of the smallest, otherwise the smallest option on this list.

One reviewer wrote: “We bought it for our motorhome. Everyone said running out of ice was a problem and wished they had one. […] I did some research and chose this one. We were not disappointed ! We had ice cubes in 10 minutes. And they kept coming. We will use it in the house when we are not camping. Easy to clean. Works extremely fast. Delighted with this product !! “

2. An ultra-portable ice maker with a convenient spoon hook

Dimensions: Unspecified

Capacity: 26 pounds

Storage room: 1.5 pounds (ice basket); 2 liters (water tank)

What’s good: At 26 pounds, this portable ice maker has the same capacity as the first – and cycles are slightly faster at six minutes. The main difference is that the water tank and the ice cube basket are slightly larger. Like the Igloo model, this one has food grade material inside with a self-cleaning system to prevent odors – and it can make two sizes of ice cubes. As an added bonus, the quiet 15.4-pound machine, which has a noise level of less than 45 decibels, has a handy hook on the side for hanging your ice scoop.

One reviewer wrote: “This ice maker was exactly what I was looking for! Small but big in design. The ice cream came out perfectly made and works as it should. Extremely happy with this purchase. The ice is the perfect size for your everyday drinks!

3. A sleek and simple ice maker, available in black or silver

Dimensions: 14.09 by 9.65 by 11.54 inches

Capacity: 33 pounds

Storage room: 2 books (ice cream basket); 2.36 liters (water tank)

What’s good: Another popular option on Amazon, this mini ice maker has nearly 2,000 positive reviews. The mid-size machine offers a bit more space than the first two options, with a 33-pound capacity and a 2-pound ice bucket. The fast ice maker, which can pump nine ice cubes in seven minutes (in two different sizes), has a simple control panel with bright LED lights. Plus, it has a transparent cover so you can watch the ice cream while it is working. While the materials aren’t specified, it’s safe to assume they meet the high quality of other Igloo models, and you can choose from a black or silver exterior. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a self-cleaning mode.

One reviewer wrote: “Works fantastic and makes a ton of ice cream pretty quickly. Super easy to clean. There is a plug on the bottom that you pull out to drain the water and rinse with fresh water. Handy when camping or having a party and need ice cream !! ”

4.This versatile option that also dispenses cold water

Dimensions: 14.4 by 16.7 by 17.8 inches

Capacity: 48 pounds

Storage room: 4.5 lbs (ice basket); water tank not specified

What’s good: If you’re looking for a larger option, this two-in-one countertop ice maker and water cooler is just what you need. With a 48-pound capacity and a 4.5-pound ice storage basket, it can produce a larger amount of ice, making it a fantastic choice for large families or for people who like to camp with friends. . And he can have ice cream ready to go in just six to 10 minutes. It is made with food grade material inside (although it is not self-cleaning) and it has a simple and easy to use LED control panel. A key distinction, besides the size, is that this machine dispenses cold water as well – it even has a nice spout on the side. Another difference is that you can connect it to standard 2, 3, or 5 gallon water jugs to keep the tank flowing for longer. (Remember they are not included.)

One reviewer wrote: “This is one of my favorite purchases for my motorhome! I have it in my outdoor kitchen and find myself drinking more water and the ice maker is perfect for cocktails and for keeping ice in my cooler. My kids also think it’s really cool to drink water because they can get it on their own.

5. This mini ice maker which can make two sizes of cubes

Dimensions: 13.89 by 9.85 by 13 inches

Capacity: 26.5 lbs

Storage room: 2.2 pounds (ice basket); 1.7 liters (water tank)

What’s good: This tiny ice maker, similar in capacity to the top two picks on this list, is another cult favorite on Amazon. Boasting over 1,300 five-star reviews, fans have rated it as fast and efficient. Constructed of food grade ABS plastic and stainless steel, it can make nine ice cubes in five to eight minutes, and it cleans itself with an automated function (simply hold down the “self-clean” button for five seconds). The popular machine, which makes two sizes of bullet-shaped ice cream, is built with a transparent viewing window. It is also available in a larger version.

One reviewer wrote: “We love our ice maker, it’s perfect for our camping trips. Very easy to use. You have 2 choices of large and small ice cubes; Once you press the button, you will have ice cubes ready in 5-7 minutes. Very impressed so far with the quality, design and practicality. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a portable ice maker.

6. A fast countertop machine that also makes crushed ice

Dimensions: 14.9 x 15.7 x 16.5 inches

Capacity: 44 lbs

Storage room: 6.6 lbs (ice basket); 3 liters (water tank)

What’s good: Another larger option with a 44-pound capacity, this high-quality ice maker can make 18 cubes in one cycle – double that of many other options. At 11 minutes, the cycle is slightly longer than the others; However, this significantly speeds up the overall production time. The best part is that while it’s faster and bigger (with a 6.6-pound ice storage basket), it doesn’t take up much more space on your counter. It has food grade material that is odor resistant, and reviewers have noted that the drain plug makes it easy to clean (although there is no automated function). As a bonus, it’s the only product on the list that also makes crushed ice.

One reviewer wrote: “I have used this ice maker before on a trip in our motorhome. It worked very well; make a lot of ice cream. It is not too heavy and was easy to use.

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