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4 teleworking actions to monitor before 2022

With the resurgence of coronavirus cases around the world due to the emergence of the Omicron variant, telecommuting stocks could be back on the radar of investors in the stock Exchange. Hybrid work is no longer a fantasy or a privilege enjoyed by a small minority around the world. It has now become the new normal for a significant number of businesses and corporations over the past year. Thus, investors can expect that these working arrangements will likely remain relevant for the foreseeable future. After all, countries around the world are still struggling to contain the new variant as it continues to plague the world.

According to a Gartner survey, it appears that nearly half of the companies have delayed or changed their reopening plans due to the new variant. Meanwhile, 34% said they haven’t decided what to do yet but will likely make changes to their plans. Well some of the bigger companies like Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) are already leading the charge. Both companies have informed their employees that they are delaying their return to the office. In these circumstances, it is not surprising that investors are once again focusing on the best telecommuting stocks. So here’s a list of the biggest names in the stock market today as a guide.

Best work from home actions to watch before 2022

Focus on video communications

Let’s start by looking at the stock that exploded during the initial phases of the pandemic, Zoom. Basically, the company provides video communication solutions. Its platform connects people through video, phone, chat, and content sharing. Now that concerns about the new Omicron variant are growing day by day, ZM’s stock could be the center of attention again.

This week, Zoom announced the acquisition of certain assets from Liminal, a startup that offers event production solutions based largely on Zoom’s SDK. Liminal’s ZoomOSC and ZoomISO applications will help bridge Zoom to traditional and emerging event control applications and hardware. Thus, it will be able to help theaters, broadcast studios and other organizations meet complex production needs and create effectively online.

In addition, the company also signed a business partnership with oVice earlier this month. oVice is a virtual space used by many businesses, educational institutions and local governments. This collaboration will allow oVice customers to seamlessly access a hassle-free Zoom meeting from its services platform. Given this flurry of exciting developments, would you add ZM action to your watchlist today?

Source: TD Ameritrade CGU

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Okta is an independent identity provider for the business. The company’s Okta Identity Cloud platform provides identity management solutions that allow customers to secure their users and connect them to technology and applications. In addition, it allows users to access a range of cloud apps, websites, mobile apps and services from various devices.

Earlier in December, the company announced a technology integration with Adaptive Shield, one of the leading SaaS security posture management companies. The companies will work together to provide enterprises with an integrated solution to manage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security configurations and improve identity and access management. In addition, it will also ensure that authorized users can securely access all SaaS applications without exposing businesses to unnecessary risk.

On top of that, the leading independent identity provider announced earlier this month that it has joined the OpenID Foundation as a supporting member. This is an important milestone for the business because OpenID Connect is one of the most widely adopted identity standards. Overall, could these stocks make OKTA stock one of the best work-from-home stocks to watch among investors?

OKTA stock chart
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Another big name among investors right now would be RingCentral. For those who don’t know, the company is a global provider of enterprise cloud communications, video conferencing, and software as a service (SaaS) contact center solutions. Thus, it enables communication through several modes, including video, messaging as well as high definition voice.

In November, RingCentral announced that it will bring a broad and reliable set of phone capabilities to Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) The teams. Users have the option of choosing between a direct routing solution or the RingCentral dialer integration for Microsoft Teams. In addition, they will have access to SMS, fax, voice mail, etc. In addition, RingCentral MVP â„¢ is now also available through a new flexible Bring Your Own Carrier offering.

Therefore, it gives businesses the choice of providing their own telephone access while allowing them to call on the operator of their choice. Prospective investors should also note that the company announced a fortnight ago that its board of directors had authorized a share buyback program of up to $ 100 million. Well, that could suggest that the company’s shares are undervalued. With that in mind, would you look at RNG stocks now?

RNG stock chart
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Selling power

Last but not least, we have the pioneer of customer relationship management (CRM) technology, Selling power. In detail, the company’s Customer 360 platform provides a source that connects customer data between systems, applications, and devices. These services would help businesses sell, service, market and trade from anywhere. Despite sideways trading for most of the year, CRM stock still rose over 15%.

Salesforce ended November by announcing its third quarter earnings report. The company’s revenue for the quarter was $ 6.86 billion, an increase of 27% year-over-year. In addition, the current residual performance obligation was approximately $ 18.8 billion, up 23% year over year. He also reported diluted GAAP earnings per share of $ 0.47.

Not to mention, Salesforce also announced a new partnership with Vox Media earlier this month. Collaboration will bring video from the award-winning tech and business podcast Pivot at Salesforce +. Thus, there will be four video segments broadcast during an exclusive time window each week. Vox Media also reiterates that Salesforce is the perfect partner for the business, as both companies understand the importance of building a strong community through innovation. With that in mind, would you consider investing in CRM stocks now?

CRM stock chart
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