The Mandalorian star reportedly left the show midway through season 2


After months of radio silence, the campaign to promote The Mandalorian has gone through several gears over the past two weeks. The premiere date was revealed with a new logo – though many suspect it was a deliberate move by Lucasfilm to distract everyone from John Boyega’s critics on Star wars – then a batch of official footage arrived, and the set ended with the debut of the first trailer earlier this week.

From the outside, everything seems to be pretty rosy around Mando and Baby Yoda’s latest adventure, but there have been murmurs of discontent behind the scenes just below the surface for a while. A few weeks ago it was rumored that the series had run into some pretty serious issues and now insider Grace Randolph has claimed that lead man Pedro Pascal left production halfway through filming.

According to her, Pascal had many disagreements with the creative team and went to the studio behind their backs to make his case, which would have led the former Game of thrones star receiving his marching orders.

“While filming Season 2, Pedro Pascal really wanted to have scenes without his headphones,” Randolph said. “The Mandalorian the creative team wouldn’t budge on it. So Pedro Pascal, from what I’ve heard from two sources now, was frustrated about it and was also very uncomfortable in the Mando costume on set. So it became difficult.

And the last straw, even though it was difficult to be there on set, the final straw was that he went to Lucasfilm, from what I heard from my sources, to try to get them to intervene on his behalf. And you combine that with Lucasfilm already trying to get involved in aspects of the story for Season 2, which I’ve heard as well. Including focusing more on standalone episodes rather than making them more connected, which I heard The Mandalorian The creative team wanted to do, which sort of happened at the end of season 1. So when Pedro Pascal went to Lucasfilm, the Mando team said, “You know what, you should just go. “. And Pedro Pascal did it. And it happened in the middle of the shoot. Now, like I said, I’ve heard the breakup is pretty bad with both parties upset.

Randolph generally has a decent track record when it comes to the scoop on big franchise projects, but this one seems a bit far-fetched. After all, Pascal surely would have known very well when he started talks to join The Mandalorian that he would have to wear his helmet on for the majority of his scenes, something he didn’t seem to have a problem with last time around.

If that turns out to be true, however, and Jon Favreau is keeping it a secret, it could explain why Season 2 should broaden the scope to focus on other characters and subplots. Also, no offense to Pedro Pascal, but it would not be too difficult to replace him on The Mandalorian given that you could basically have anyone under costume and then hire a soundalike to do a voiceover in post production.

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