‘The Office’ Kevin Malone makes over $ 1 million on Cameo

Brian Baumgartner stars as Kevin Malone in US version of sitcom Office. But he is undoubtedly a man of many talents. Aside from his portrayal of the goofy accountant, which made him a fan favorite, Baumgartner is a great athlete, according to Steve Carell.

Although he only played a supporting role in the series, the 49-year-old managed to leverage his celebrity status to become one of Cameo’s biggest stars by recording video screams. for fans on the platform.

Brian Baumgartner became adorable fan favorite Kevin Malone in “The Office”

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Malone is presented as a character with childish sensitivity. He’s not the sharpest in the room. But her immature and naive nature seems more endearing than repulsive; he seems harmless even when he is overtly perverse.

Malone enjoys pornography, as mentioned in the episodes “Email Watch”, “Take Your Daughter to Work” and “Whistleblower”. He’s paranoid about email surveillance, which threatens to reveal his dirty secret. And he’s even running an errand for his computer when Nick, the computer scientist, starts doing routine inspections.

Malone seems hopelessly unlucky on a relationship level as three women reject his proposals throughout the series. However, he advances to his fourth attempt, along with Stacy. But it doesn’t work in the end.

An avid gamer, Malone initiates bets with his colleagues and is good enough to win $ 2,500 in the No Limit Deuce-Seven raffle in 2002. The character is so devoid of ambition that he is excited when Angela puts him in the role of shredder. office documents; he even goes ahead and shreds his credit card.

Despite being described as the not-so-sharp accountant, Kevin has moments of genius. For example, he notes that office rules prohibit bringing beer into the workplace. But they do not expressly prohibit manufacturing Beer. He therefore brews his at Dunder Mifflin, to the disgust of his colleague Oscar Martinez.

Malone has so much free time that he even prepares lunch recipes at the office. Ironically, branch manager Michael Scott believed Kevin would be a good fit for the accounting department rather than the warehouse he originally applied to work for.

Baumgartner is nothing like Malone in real life

Brian Baumgartner aka Kevin Malone of The Office in 2019 | Joe Scarnici / FilmMagic

Although Malone is his most famous role, Baumgartner admits that they are very different in real life. The Atlanta native, 49, married Celeste Ackelson in 2014. The two had a daughter the following year.

Some of Baumgartner’s other notable roles include the role of Jim in the 2007 film. Permit to marry, Eric in Four Christmases, and Fr. Ralph O’Brien in In temptation. He also appeared in Criminal minds and Law & Order: Special Victims Assistance Unit among others. Baumgartner recently played Skip Wick in the comedy Electric Jesus.

The sitcom star has also hosted and produced a podcast, An oral history of the office, in 2020. His reception inspired a second podcast, The office in depth, which features full interviews with her former co-stars. The podcast offers insightful and never-before-seen revelations about the inner workings of Office and why it remains popular to this day.

Brian Baumgartner becomes Cameo’s biggest breadwinner

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Be on the set of Office helped Baumgartner build great rapport with viewers. He even admitted to interacting with viewers on MySpace while filming scenes for the sitcom.

Baumgartner revealed that the sitcom was a misrepresentation of what happens in an office. But the computers in the office were functional and connected to the Internet. He and his co-stars would interact with fans on the social platform, although he made sure to stay in character. Baumgartner would encourage fans to send in pictures signed Kevin. He ended up getting a ton.

The actor also received an equally warm response on Cameo, where individuals can hire celebrities to create personalized videos. According to Insider, Baumgartner has more than 6,000 fans on the platform. It has received thousands of reviews from happy people, mostly fans of Office by thanking him for making personalized videos for his loved ones.

Baumgartner revealed to the BBC that he has made more than $ 1 million rendering services on the platform. He maintains that it’s not about him, but rather two people looking for a connection. Baumgartner charges $ 225 for a custom clip and also offers a $ 2,500 plan for business-related content.

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