The soybean disease toll gives an interesting answer


It’s that time of year when a promising soybean crop suddenly shows signs of distress. Maybe it’s the mottling of the leaves with the Frogeye leaf spot. Or maybe it’s the discouraging discoloration that accompanies sudden death syndrome.

Farm Progress PANEL members shared what illness they think they are facing as this season progresses.

It turns out that frog leaf spot is a concern for about a fifth (21%) of respondents. This disease has moved further north with reports to North Dakota in 2020. The other challenge is that some strains have shown increasing resistance to a key fungicide used for prevention and control. It is a thief of increasing yield for sure.

White mold is coming in with nearly a quarter of those polled saying they will face the problem in 2021. It is a treatable disease, if caught early. The challenge is that it thrives after the canopy closes, in the dark, damp area just above the ground. Yet it can quickly turn a rich and promising soybean stand into a mess of lost yield.

Less than a fifth of those surveyed saw sudden death syndrome as a problem they would face in 2021. The disease has been spreading in the Midwest for some time, although soy breeders are working to combat it with genetic. And there are seed treatments that can reduce the impact of diseases as well.

Almost 40% of those surveyed, however, believe they will face all of the above in 2021. This varied weather, ranging from dry desert to wet monsoon, would test any disease control and prevention program. This group noting that they will face the three major soybean diseases may not come as a surprise. If you are facing this in 2021, it may be time to re-evaluate the varieties you choose, the seed treatments you buy, and your fungicide use and application schedule. It could be money well spent.

Thank you to everyone who answered these PANEL questions.

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