Top 10 Bare Metal Server Hosting Service Providers In India 2021


A bare-metal server is a physical server dedicated to a single tenant. Despite the rise (and rise) of bare metal servers in recent years, they are nothing new and have been commercially available for over a decade. Many major cloud storage players are now offering bare metal server offerings.
Bare metal servers do away with the top hypervisor that enables virtualization with cloud computing services, meaning nothing is stopping applications from performing at their peak. The server tenant can optimize the server based on their needs for success, security, and reliability. The alternative to a bare metal server is a hypervisor server, in which many users share the compute, warehouse, and other resources of the virtual servers.

Here is a list of Top 10 Bare Metal Server Hosting Service Providers In India 2021.

1. IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

IBM Cloud® Bare Metal servers are fully dedicated servers offering maximum performance and a secure single tenancy. The absence of a hypervisor means that you get direct root access to 100% of your server’s resources. Customize it all with over 11 million configurations to choose from. Easily move workloads across generations of servers with custom images. We’ve also lowered the prices of our bare metal servers, on average, by 17% overall, and included 20TB of bandwidth, free of charge. Choose from hourly, monthly or booked billing, and more, at set prices for smart cost management.

2. Oracle Bare Metal Servers

Oracle bare metal servers provide customers with isolation, visibility and control using dedicated compute instances. Servers support applications that require high number of cores, large amounts of memory, and high bandwidth, scaling up to 160 cores (the largest in the industry), 2TB of RAM and up to 1PB block storage. Customers can build cloud environments in Oracle bare metal servers with significant performance improvements over other public clouds and on-premises data centers.

3. Amazon EC2

In November 2019, Amazon released a new bare metal option for its EC2 C5 server instances, which are commonly used to run heavy compute workloads such as batch processing, distributed analysis, and high performance computing. Amazon EC2 C5 instances deliver high, cost-effective performance at a low cost per compute ratio for running advanced compute-intensive workloads. This includes workloads such as high performance web servers, high performance computing (HPC), batch processing, ad serving, highly scalable multiplayer games, video encoding, scientific modeling, distributed analysis and machine inference / deep learning. C5 instances are available with a choice of Intel and AMD processors.

4. Fasthosts Bare Metal servers

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Since 1999, Fasthosts has been designing new ways to give customers everything they need to manage and control their online space. Innovation is the engine of everything they do, ensuring they offer the latest internet technology across their range of services including domain names, shared web hosting, server hosting bare metal, business class messaging, dedicated servers, cloud servers, secure online storage, and online backup. They also maintain a very successful reseller channel. All of their services can be self-managed through Fasthosts’ award-winning control panel. By focusing on the needs of their customers and employing great people, they have created a profitable, fast-growing and market-leading organization.

5. Scaleway Elements Cloud Bare Metal Servers

They are a global technology leader fulfilling our true mission to bring you the cloud that makes sense. Scaleway offers the right mix of compute and storage power that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered. They are the only cloud provider to offer private datacenter colocation with Scaleway Datacenter, Dedibox dedicated servers for maximum control and punch, or elastic compute with our modern Scaleway Elements ecosystem with S3 compatibility, Kubernetes support and Terraform up to date. at a time. No matter what stage of development you are in, they have the resources to help you support your growth.

6. Zenlayer bare metal cloud

Zenlayer Raises $ 10 Million in Series A Funding

Zenlayer offers on-demand edge cloud services in more than 180 PoPs around the world, with expertise in fast-growing emerging markets like India, China and South America. Businesses use Zenlayer’s global cloud platform to instantly improve their users’ digital experiences with ultra-low latency and on-demand global connectivity. Take full control of your data with servers that are exclusively dedicated to you. Standard configurations offer up to 256 GB of RAM and two Xeon Scalable processors with up to 40 cores. Meet demand with as many servers as you need. Use the Zenlayer portal to add or remove servers at any time or move resources to another region. Choose hourly or monthly billing. Connect directly to your servers in other regions and public clouds for a completely interconnected solution. Establish additional connections through Zenlayer Cloud Interconnect partners.

7. MilesWeb Bare Metal hosting

MilesWeb is one of the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry. You don’t have to go looking anywhere to find a reliable web hosting partner because they have designed web hosting solutions that can fill the void left by others in the market. The MilesWeb journey is driven by passionate leaders and supported by extremely talented professionals. They are committed to providing the best web hosting solution in India and abroad.

8. Bluehost

Bare metal

Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting solutions companies. Since its founding in 2003, Bluehost has continually innovated new ways to fulfill its mission: to empower people to take full advantage of the web. They provide comprehensive tools to millions of users around the world so that anyone, novice or professional, can access the web and thrive with their web hosting packages.
What makes Bluehost the best for most users is the rich feature set they offer, giving you more options than most providers. The advanced features of Basic Pricing also make Bluehost the choice for superior quality and value. You can fully control the server with an unmanaged plan. You can even include multi-server management for additional hosting services on your existing account, making Bluehost a flexible provider for any online business.

9. In motion

This provider is not joking with its dedicated server options. InMotion’s “entry-level” Essential plan gives you 16GB of memory, 15TB of data transfer, a 1TB primary SSD, five dedicated IP addresses, and four processor cores with eight threads. You can even fall back on the customizable Bare Metal package, which can go up to 1TB of memory with up to 50TB of primary disk space, up to 25TB of monthly transfers, clock speeds of 3 , 2 GHz, 15 IP addresses and Suite.
It’s the big league of hosting without just owning your farm. InMotion can accommodate the most demanding websites in terms of traffic, content, and speed. The performance and resources you get in InMotion’s dedicated hosting plans are top of the line. The value of having a stable and capable host like this is immense, especially since you can focus on continued growth with your site running smoothly.

10. HEFICED Bare Metal Servers

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Heficed’s dedicated servers are low latency. Discover the fastest bare metal networks and be sure our IP transit offers stability and reliability. With access and support to APIs fully developed in-house by Heficed, you are in complete control. Freely access the resources and management tools you need for your business. Heficed’s dedicated servers are supported by the most popular Linux systems. We also offer dedicated Windows servers for Microsoft enterprise solutions. Enjoy full root access to Heficed’s dedicated servers and manage your environment without restrictions. Our dedicated server hosting comes with full root and API access, ensuring you set the rules to take your business to the next level. Reach customers around the world in leading ISO certified data centers. Heficed offers unique locations in Johannesburg and Sao Paulo, as well as locations in North America and Europe.

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