Utranazz launches a new range of volumetric cement mixers at low prices.

Utranazz, the concrete equipment specialist, is launching a new range of no-frills low-cost volumetric mixers in collaboration with American manufacturer Global Mixers. The first to come out of the range is the Global G60 which was first shown at the UK Concrete Show. The mixer with a capacity of 9.2 m3 and an output of 45 m3/hour has been specially developed with the operator in mind, using Global Mixers’ extensive experience in volumetric mixers. It features a modular and open design to ensure simple and economical maintenance and repairs.

The G60 is designed to the highest quality standards, while remaining extremely easy to use. It is equipped with portholes allowing easy control of cement levels and an open conveyor allowing the aggregates to be seen before mixing. The modular storage bins are tilted at 50oh to ensure a constant flow of materials and reduced maintenance. The mixer is controlled via a user-friendly electronic control panel for batch and mix designs.

Daniel Wiseman, Sales Manager of Utranazz, explained: “The Global G60 is a durable, quality volumetric mixer, without any of the complicated electronic control systems that many volumetric mixers now offer. Operators don’t need or want fancy electronic systems, they just want a reliable machine that’s easy to use and maintain.

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