Vanpowers Bike will launch the world’s first electric bike with an assembled frame on Indiegogo on May 24, 2022 with more than 10 custom colors

Many one-piece frames on the market are mainly heated to high temperatures after welding, and repeated shape correction and polishing are done manually. However, after more than two such processes, the frame becomes very fragile and can only be discarded as a defective product.

To solve the problem of instability and fragility of a one-piece frame, Vanpowers Bike has long been developing the safety and stability of the bicycle frame and exploring superior riding experiences. In 2022, Vanpowers Bike created City Vanture with an assembled frame, the first electric bike in the world to use this technology. This assembled frame combines ancient Chinese mortise and tenon structure with modern industrial technology, which can withstand large loads, reducing the symmetry deviation of the frame and ensuring the strength of the frame to greatly increase the stability. A bona fide brand will incur high scrap costs, so its price will increase accordingly. A wrong brand, however, will directly produce, bring the hidden danger of frame breakage for future riding.

City Vanture’s mortise and tenon structure controls and reduces centerline tolerances and helps joint strength move forward. The assembled frame is more stable, the riding experience is smoother, and the safety of the electric bicycle is greatly improved. It can also minimize the rejection rate in the production process, which is environmentally friendly. The battery can be safely disassembled and reassembled when normal maintenance is needed, realizing the recyclable use of the electric bicycle.

The frame of a bicycle is like the heart. It must be strong to withstand all the shocks and the force of the cyclist. Vanpowers Bike prioritizes safety by creating the world’s first e-bike with an assembled frame in response to common stability and safety issues in the e-bike market. ”We named it the City Vanture. We hope it will create a unique adventure for commuters in the city,” said Vanpowers Bike.

City Vanture – Great e-bike knows what you want

A good e-bike is engaged and active with the rider, rather than just passively transferring power. City Vanture uses a brushless high-speed hub motor. The 350W motor, sensor and controller are integrated three in one, which is more convenient for disassembly and assembly. City Vanture is lightweight and can travel up to 80 km. The powerful motor can increase your driving speed up to 40 km/h. At maximum speed, equivalent to the distance of San Diego at Legoland CA. City Vanture’s excellent acceleration gives you the feeling of loading an arc and releasing it, the balance of the frame gives you a smoother ride, and the torsional forces allow you to navigate corners efficiently.

At high speeds, a stable ride and smooth braking are crucial. The City Vanture uses a Gates® belt instead of a typical chain. The Gates® belt has exceptional durability, is perfectly quiet, lighter than chains, shifts well and lasts 3-4 times longer than chains. A Gates® belt can last nearly 20,000 miles. You don’t need to oil your hands, you don’t need a chain. If the belt is dirty, simply wipe it with a cloth dampened with water. Stop bothering with your dusty old chain. The belt is waterproof and salt-proof, and there is no rust problem when riding in the wet season. It can also bring smooth driving experience in harsh driving conditions

The City Vanture’s Tektro® hydraulic disc brake offers superb stopping power, simple adjustment and easy maintenance. It has unrivaled durability, stability and ergonomics, smoother than a mechanical disc brake. A super stable, quiet transmission and powerful, responsive brakes make drivers safer on the road.

The central IP66 waterproof color LCD screen can display 1-5 STEP levels, odometer, trip, current speed, battery and walk assist with high resolution and brightness. Multiple PAS levels can bring longer endurance mileage and save energy. The display control panel on the side of the handlebar is convenient for one-handed operation while riding. At the same time, the large screen and large interaction design can make it easier for riders to focus on cycling and reduce safety hazards.

The 36V 7Ah LG3500 lithium battery can provide 50 miles (80 km) of mileage in just two hours of charging. What’s cool is that you can install a long-lasting battery like a kettle to extend the range up to 80 miles (130 km), enough to explore the city. City Vanture’s unique intelligent dual battery module on the long-life battery can automatically identify the consumption and capacity of the original battery and the long-life battery simultaneously. When it is recognized that the remaining original battery is too low, the extended battery will be automatically connected, and the two batteries will be used together. So it can effectively slow down the power loss and save energy, and the battery life will be longer. The dual battery module achieves a brilliant balance, greatly improves the use of efficiency, and extends the longer endurance mileage

With a total weight of only 35 lbs (15.5 kg), City Vanture made with a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame can easily be lifted upstairs and anywhere you want to go. The lighter frame allows riders to cover longer distances with less effort.

The battery and chassis are integrated by a mortise and tenon structure. The semi-hidden cable design is clean and aesthetic, while increasing sturdiness. Each City Vanture e-bike has an exclusive frame number and undergoes comprehensive and rigorous quality control.

City Vanture offers customers more than ten custom frame colors. Carbon Black, Gloss Black, Ruby, Neon Yellow, Chalk Blue, Infinity Silver, Camouflage, Cream, Woodland, Neon Green, Neon Purple.

A good bicycle is a reliable machine. In city bikes, high quality brakes, excellent transmissions and durable tires are the driving force behind Vanpowers Bike’s constant pursuit. City Vanture’s creative breakthrough in stability and riding safety will undoubtedly promote the development of electric bicycles. One such historic e-bike will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on May 24, 2022.

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