Viventium partners with Tapcheck to support home care

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ, December 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Viventium, a SaaS human capital management solution that delivers a remarkable user experience, flexible software and expert guidance so customers can be confident their payroll is done well, and Tapcheck, an award-winning financial wellness company that offers employees the benefits of on-demand paychecks and financial education at low or no cost to employers, today announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration between Viventium and Tapcheck provides seamless integration, helping employers retain and engage their employees through financial well-being benefits.

“We are always looking to improve the payday experience. By partnering with Tapcheck, our clients can offer their employees additional options on when to receive a salary, which has become a critical need today, especially for healthcare professionals to whom we owe our gratitude, ”said Dan Neuburger, CEO of Viventium. “We want to do everything possible to help our clients attract and retain the talented people they employ. Viventium’s partnership with Tapcheck means that customers of all sizes can deliver this benefit to their employees, further strengthening the employer-employee relationship.

By giving employees more control over their finances, employers can reduce employee stress in their daily lives while improving business performance.

“We are honored to partner with Viventium to provide a transparent and cost-effective way to support employees with financial wellness benefits,” said Ron Gaver, Co-Founder and CEO of Tapcheck. “Implementing our pay-on-demand solution and financial education resources are helping companies attract and retain more workers, creating a culture that prioritizes financial empowerment. “

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About Viventium

Viventium Software Inc. is a SaaS-based human capital management solution that delivers outstanding user experience and award-winning software. Viventium provides flexible software and expert advice so customers can be sure their payroll is getting right. Viventium provides specialized solutions in the healthcare service markets, including home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities. Viventium Software supports all 50 US states with payroll and HR solutions. For more information on Viventium, visit or follow @viventium on Twitter.

About Tapcheck
Tapcheck is a financial wellness benefit that allows employees to access their income before payday. Available at low cost or free to employers, Tapcheck uses an intuitive mobile app to give workers greater control over their finances, reducing stress at home and increasing productivity at work. And thanks to Tapcheck’s seamless integration with existing payroll programs, employers who incorporate on-demand income into their benefit programs find it a cost effective way to distinguish their business from its customers. competitors, reduce turnover rates and provide the financial flexibility that employees want.

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